1. patkim

    Wireless Mouse - 2.4 GHz any possibility of interference?

    I am about to buy a Logitech wireless mouse. It's specs show 2.4 GHz frequency wireless operation. So just wondering if it would cause or receive any interference with Router and cordless phones in the house? Does anyone using similar mouse have experienced any? At my home the FM radio...
  2. A

    cursor stuck

    my cursor is stuck on one side and does not move wth the mouse, though i can use the mouse button functions. before the window starting screen appears the cursor actually moves from the centre to the side and remains stuck there. i went into setup but did not find anything relating to mouse and...
  3. R

    Need to buy Gaming Mouse + Keyboard Combo

    Hi All, Currently i am having Logitech G105 Keyboard and G400 Mouse. The mouse after four year giving single click to double click issue. I want to replace it immediately. Any good gaming mouse to replace G400. Budget 2k The keyboard(G105) is started sticking and hard to press. To...
  4. S

    Full size but thin mouse needed

    Hi, I am looking to buy a full size (not compact) mouse which should be as thin as possible. Wired or wireless is okay, but battery life should be good if wireless. Lightweight is preferred. Should be from a decent brand. Price within 1k... Saw Portronics iMooze and Amkette Air but...
  5. N

    Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo under rs.2000

    I am looking to buy a new Keyboard and mouse for my desktop PC . it should Efficient Battery Life , good wireless connectivity . My search ended up on Logitech MK345 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo . I can buy locally or Online . Your valuable suggestions needed
  6. Chetan1991

    Need bluetooth keyboard and mouse for 1k or less

    Looking for a pair of Bluetooth (not proprietary) keyboard and mouse to use with windows devices as well as android ones. I'm fine with purchasing them separately as well. Don't want to spend more than 1k, cheaper the better.
  7. S

    Mouse for editing and 3d modelling under 1k

    Hello Guys! I work in photoshop, inkscape, blender for game development and I'm looking for a mouse with good sensitivity and high precision for bigger hands. My preferences are laser wireless/wired. Do you think any gaming mouse would work well? Can you guys give me some feedback as to what...
  8. RCuber

    Gaming Mouse replacement for Logitech G400

    Hey guys, My G400 has gone kaput and will be giving it for RMA. I want to upgrade to a new mouse and keep the RMA'd mouse (hopefully a G400s) for office use. budget is flexible and can go up to 4-5K. I mostly play only FPS (BF3/BF4). I need atleast 4+ extra buttons in the mouse. Lazer mouse...
  9. RCuber

    [Query] Logitech G400 Disconnecting frequently

    My G400 is disconnecting frequently. Initially I thought it was a incorrectly plugged in but that is not the case. The mouse would just disconnect in middle of a gaming section and immediately reconnect within fraction of a second. but that enought time for gameplay interuption and I would be...
  10. slashragnarok

    PC freezing and USB turns off

    Okay so, since last night I'm facing a problem with my PC. CPU: i5 2500k Mobo: ASUS P8Z68 V Pro RAM: GSkill Ripjaws 4 GB x 2 1600 MHz GPU: Zotac GTX 960 Amp! (2 months old) USB keyboard mouse PSU: Corsair TX850 V2 Windows 7 Ultimate Edition No overclocks Everything's working fine...
  11. patkim

    Vaio - USB Mouse prevents standby mode

    I have Vaio VPCYB15AG with Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. The laptop does not get into standby mode despite idle time reached when USB mouse is connected to it. Is this behavior 'by design' for laptops or a software/hardware bug? Remove the mouse and it goes to standby mode after specified idle time.
  12. P

    [Praise] Logitech RMA : Mouse | Lamington Road,Mumbai

    My mouse was defective (scroll button) since more than 3 months b/c the service centre address i got from Logitech Support (email + call on toll-free) was far away and the timings were too inconvenient. Anyway,i searched again b/c i wanted to find one in Lamington Road (i love the place :P)...
  13. A

    USB univeral host controller - 27CB, 27CA, 27CC not working properly.

    My computers usb ports not working properly. I am using usb mouse from logitech. This usb mouse works perfectly on other laptop. problem is like this.. those usb host controllers does not work properly sometimes, sometimes works fine. Now usb mouse working fine but after shutting down, or after...
  14. S

    Gaming Mouse + Mousepad under 2000 rs

    No logitech please.
  15. Ironman

    Mouse Problem - Single Click Leads to Double Click

    My Dragon War Thor Mouse The One i bought Last Year has been giving me this problem lately when i click something , it leads to a double click , Is there any way to Solve it ? 6 Months Warranty is Over a few months back , so no point of calling them.:-(
  16. D

    modified " Budget - 20k" config with GPU, PSU | need urgent infos.

    Processor Intel 3 GHz LGA 1150 G-3220 3950 CPU Cooler Stock Motherboard Gigabyte GA-H81M-S1 3,838 Memory Corsair DDR3 4 GB(1 x 4GB) 2,450 Graphics Card ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 3,069 Power Supply Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU 2,850 Cabinet Zebronics Chisel Cabinet...
  17. I

    Noticed pain in wrist, advice wrist pad or mouse pls

    I have been recently noticing some pain in my right wrist(the right side of my wrist) which is my mouse hand. Fearing that I might be developing RSI, I would like to buy a wrist pad. I'm currently using simply a notepad with a cardboard back as a mouse pad with the mouse as a Microsoft Comfort...
  18. P

    Dragon War Gaming Mouse Chaos Vs Thor

    Hi i cant decide between dragon war chaos and thor Any advice or recommendation?
  19. U

    Buying advice for Wireless mouse needed

    My Logitech M185 wireless mouse started giving trouble with the left click (double clicks for a single click). It worked for 3 years 3 months and so out of warranty. I now need to buy a wireless mouse. 1) My budget is upto 1000 rupees 2) Only wireless not bluetooth 3) Preferably from tier 1...
  20. harshilsharma63

    Need Ergonomic Mouse At Around 1000

    Hi. My current Logitech MK200 bundled mouse is really contributing in palm and wrist pain. I need an ergonomic mouse for around 1-1.3k. I have big hands and I'm a claw gripper.
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