1. Zangetsu

    Logitech G300 Mouse configuration

    Hi Guys, I purchased G300 but don't know how to configure it for best gaming performance (as there are many buttons in it) :confused: so, if somebody know about its button configuration and memory features pls help. don't wanna waste this mouse by just two clicks :-(
  2. ssdivisiongermany1933

    [Query] RMA for lenovo Wireless mouse

    I purchased lenovo wireless Mouse N100 from Amazon but now it has stopped working , return period has also gone beyond date and Iam not able to find contact for RMA for mouse at lenovo website .. Please help me to locate service center or support Number
  3. ajayashish

    Gaming Machine for $500

    Hi Everyone, I am here after a long time and i know there cannot be anyone better than Digitians to help me on this. I am in US and was planning to buy the Alienware Alpha but then thought what I can get for the same price range if I assemble a Console. So the requirement is simple. I...
  4. ithehappy

    I think I need a mouse again! Any Zowie users here?

    Hey guys after my G9 aged out I bought a Roccat Kone Pure (laser) thinking that it won't have the double click issue like the G9 and all, and initially was pretty happy too, but now in the middle of rainy season and due to high humidity the left switch has started double clicking, just like the...
  5. S

    suggest some good wireless mouse and keyboard combo

    Hi guys i am looking to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. I was searching but couldn't find any good ones nor do i know anyone who uses wireless keyboard and mouse. My Budget is 5k, range is not a priority but it should not have delay and battery should be long lasting. thanks
  6. RON28

    Where to buy Zowie Fk mouse in India??

    I want to buy Zowie fk mouse, but it isn't available in India. I searched and but still couldn't found this mouse. anyone here know where i can get this mouse in India?
  7. S

    Mouse required for around Rs 700-800

    Use:Gaming Grip: Palm Grip Which is the best mouse I can get for casual gaming at this price range? I don't like small mice and also light ones(that can be compromised). I have my eyes on the lenovo m6811. Any users please comment on this product.
  8. arko1983

    Corsair Raptor K40 , Raptor M45 & Mm200

    For Sale ! corsair raptor k40 keyboard Raptor K40 Gaming Keyboard corsair raptor m45 mouse Raptor M45 Gaming Mouse corsair vengeanve mm200 mousepad Corsair MM200 Gaming Mouse Mat Expected Price: Rs 4,000/-(keyboard) Rs 3,500/-(mouse) Rs 1000/-(mouse mat) Rs...
  9. Revolution

    [Query] Dell Mouse RMA

    Hi, Pls help me! I bought a Dell MS11 Mouse from snapdeal few months back. But,its left click not working anymore Pls tell me the procedure of RMA. Do I need invoice to claim warranty ? Where is service center located in Kolkata ? Snapdeal did not send me invoice and I had mailed snapdeal about...
  10. Inceptionist

    Need PC under 20k.

    I'm looking for a PC for my cousin for school work. His father told me that the budget is maximum 20000 so what configuration would you guys suggest? I found this config from suggestion thread and I'd like to know if I can get some options which would help to bring down the total under 20k mark...
  11. beingGamer

    Gam-ing Mouse & Controller for PC

    Hi all, as the title says, I want to buy a gaming mouse & a pc controller. I am not a very heavy/pro gamer. Play games on PC whenever get time. Till now I haven't used any gaming mouse & controller. Both of these need not be wireless, but if a good model is within the budget then its fine...
  12. T

    Wireless Keyboard without Mouse Combo Suggestions Required

    I already have a Dell Wireless Mouse so please don't suggest combos. Need a wireless keyboard for home/multimedia use. Should be easy to use. No el cheapos please
  13. K

    Gaming Mouse + Laptop Cooler! Required for my new Y510p!

    Ok guys so I am getting my Y510p on Monday! I require a good cooler and mouse: Budget: ₹3k Games : Mostly Dota 2/CS:GO and will try new games! Applications:Autodesk,Office and Adobe Suites! Buying Option:Mostly Online! Brands :Comfortable with any reputed brands offering service...
  14. Zangetsu

    Need a good Mouse

    My 4yr old Logitech mouse left click is working as double click (it has become sensitive bcoz I play hack & slash games a lot in it ;) ) so time to change the mouse suggest me any good budget mouse which can survive 1million clicks or u can say lasts for more than 5yrs
  15. M

    [Want to Buy] external DVD reader and Wireless Mouse and wifi dongle

    please suggest me value for money external DVD reader and Wireless Mouse and Good Wi-Fi Dongle..
  16. anky

    mouse for gaming for Rs 700-800

    hello friends, i need a good mouse for around 700-800 rs. requirements - Casual/normal gaming. Should be well built(all my earlier mouse ended up with their left click button stucked) comfortable for long gaming sessions.(i have large hands, and i have not much idea on what grip i have)...
  17. ithehappy

    A good place to repair Logitech G9?

    Don't really know where to crate this topic. I have a Logitech G9 mouse, which I have used extensively for more than five years, but then it stated giving some connection problems as the cable came slightly loose from the mouse chassis, and the side buttons needed to be hard pressed along with...
  18. ghantaukay

    Mouse cursor disappears and cannot type

    Lately, while using Word or Excel I notice the page refreshing (a slight blip) and the cursor disappears and then the keyboard stops responding and I have to click the mouse for the program to continue and then it happens again and again. This happens even in Notepad. I think it must be a driver...
  19. Arjun609

    Call Of Duty BattleField Bad Company 2 Mouse Problem

    I just installed Call Of Duty BattleField Bad Company 2 in the starting after going in the boat the mouse always point upwards. I did all things as possible in settings I also replaced the mouse and try but the problem persist please suggest a solution
  20. Kishal

    TAG 007 vs Logitech G100 vs <other cheaper mice>

    Hey guys, I need a mouse, primarily for moderate gaming (mostly MMOs and FPSs). My budget is around 750 bucks. Will buy online (flipkart/amazon ONLY). Please note that VFM is the main deciding factor for me. I am mostly looking at the TAG 007 (@Rs.715) - TAG USB Gaming 007 Mouse - TAG...
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