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Hello Guys!

I work in photoshop, inkscape, blender for game development and I'm looking for a mouse with good sensitivity and high precision for bigger hands. My preferences are laser wireless/wired. Do you think any gaming mouse would work well?
Can you guys give me some feedback as to what mouse is available for my requirement under Rs.1000 .
Also I'm from Kolkata and I can do both online or retail.

Some of my picks:-

Lenovo M6811
Gigabyte M6880 Laser
Logitech G90 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Thank You!
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Dragon War mouses have many negative reviews in flipkart and I don't know about after sales service because you need to visit service centre if it craps out as it did with my iball laser mouse. So finally I went with Logitech G90 mouse from snapdeal and after applying SD cash my bill was Rs.630 /- My local retailer and flipkart is selling for Rs.8oo .

If requested I can do a unboxing and a review too! :)


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That's great. Would appreciate a review too, since I have to buy a good mouse too. I might go with the Logitech G90.
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