1. S

    Small red lined patches on the sides of the LED TV

    What's the reason for red lined patches the ones marked in the attached image? Top portion left side also it is there
  2. R

    Suggestion on upgrading Mom feature phone to Smartphone. Samsung V Motorola

    Hello folks Every-time I need some tech decision I have been helped by techies here before. Thanks for that. My moms old classic mobile went kaput. Need to upgrade her to use a friendly interface smartphone within a budget of 6-8K. I need to buy the phone ASAP and need your help...
  3. A

    Smartphone under 30K- camera not a priority

    Budget: 20K-30K Display: Minimum 1920x1080 Dual Sim not required. Preferred brands: Sony, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Asus Camera: No preferences. Preferred OS: Android, latest preferred, stock preferred Connection options: Minimum 3G Primary use: Calling/SMS, Web browsing, E-mail client...
  4. T

    [Video] Moto Z Review: Motorola's Best Flagship Yet!

    Hey guys... Yesterday, I posted a review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force on my Youtube Channel. So, I thought, why not share it with all you guys. So, here's the review: * I hope you guys find it useful. If you do, please LIKE and SHARE the video...
  5. A

    Mobile multipin car charger

    Require one for my motorola mobiles.where can i buy one with multipins to charge both motorola mobiles,require for maruti s cross i am buying.Also please suggest a car mobile holder which can accomodate moto g 2 size phones and withstand car jhatkas in bad road.thanks
  6. T

    LG Nexus 5 or Motorola Moto G(2nd Generation).Which one should i buy.

    Guys,i am planning to buy 5inch stock android phone but confused between nexus 5 or moto g 2nd gen. Well,nexus 5 performance is top notch(no doubt),only concern is camera whereas Moto G used previous year hardware ie SD400 but its camera is good(acc to flipkart review) I am in no hurry to...
  7. E

    [Rumour] Moto G2 possibly benchmarked, shows its specs

    (Source) This better be the Moto E2 or else its a 'Meh' ...
  8. ankush28

    [RUMOR]Motorola working on gigantic 5.9" Nexus 6 codenamed "SHAMU"

    [NEXUS6][RUMOR]Motorola working on gigantic 5.9" Nexus 6 codenamed "SHAMU" SOURCE AFAIK they will release Nexus 6 along with Android L. What are your thoughts? So we can finaly expect *COOLer* Nexus :P
  9. hari1

    Should I preorder Asus Zenphone 4?

    I am talking about the model with 1600mah battery and 5MP camera for Rs.5999. It performs better than Moto E on benchmarks and is near to Moto G (by comparing on this website): Asus ZenFone 4 Review - Performance Motorola Moto E Review - Performance Motorola Moto G Review - Performance 1. Is...
  10. R

    Moto 360 - First Circular Smartwatch powered by Android Wear

    Right after Google announced that Android is coming to wearables with Android Wear, Motorola has brought itself to the fore of this new Android Wear ecosystem by announcing its first Smartwatch – the Moto 360. As you might have guessed from the name, the Moto 360 has a circular display, which is...
  11. R

    Moto X to launch in India in “Next Few Weeks”

    At a Motorola event here at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company just announced that the Moto X is expected to make its way to India and Australia within the next few weeks. This device would follow up on the heels of the Moto G that was launched earlier this month...
  12. P

    [MOTO G] Flip Cover or Screen Guard and Other Accessories

    Hi folks, Thanks a lot for sharing. Please suggest a good screen protector and a case (flipcover or back cover) for my new Moto G Planning to go for GadgetShieldz @ 320 INR for the Screen Protector. If anyone's planning to buy use the Promo Code : adw20 for the discount. Any Amzer users here...
  13. anmolksharma

    Review: Motorola Moto G - The Poor Man's Nexus!

    For: Specifications, Value for money factor, build quality, Latest Android OS & Screen Against: Limited storage capacity, Availability issues. The Motorola Moto G has been launched in India in February 2014 with price tag of Rs. 12,500 for 8 GB model and Rs. 14,000 for 16GB model. It is...
  14. G

    24 hours with Moto G! (Initial impressions)

    Thanks Flipkart and it's In-a-day guarantee! In the tiny box! Charger - You get the actual charger unlike the international versions of Moto G, which comes with just USB cable. The bundled charger cannot be as an USB data cable. Headphones - Motorola has bundled headphones for India and...
  15. R

    Google sells Motorola devices units to Lenovo for 2.91 billion $

    * pretty big news ... Google is selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, giving the Chinese smartphone manufacturer a major presence in the US market. Lenovo will buy Motorola for $2.91...
  16. ZTR

    Moto G discussion thread

    Coming to India in early 2014 And with that price tag when it comes, RIP Indian brands and crap samshit under 20k
  17. darth_vader1280

    [For Sale] Like new Motorola Droid Razr HD

    1. *Model number and details: Motorola Droid Razr HD XT926, 6 month phone in very good condition. will provide box with all manuals, sim removal tool, charger, data cable, TPA case. 2. *Date of purchase: March 2013 3. Reason for sale: Buying Xperia Z1 4. Warranty details: No warranty, it was...
  18. funskar

    Motorola might come back to India

    Motorola might come back to India with the launch of Moto G . In the last half a decade or so, Motorola hasn’t been able to retain the kind of market share that it once had in the Indian upper end handsets. Its owner Google had completely shut down the shop in the country post...
  19. N

    So remember how we all had a good laugh at Phonebloks a while back? Motorola and Google might just m

    Motorola announces Project Ara, an open hardware platform with modular components ala Phonebloks
  20. lywyre

    Motorola to make the Nexus 5, coming in Q4 this year

    Motorola to make the Nexus 5, coming in Q4 this year, ASUS gets Nexus 10 According to Taylor Wimberly, former editor for Android and Me and so far a great insider, Motorola will manufacture the next Nexus smartphone a.k.a. Nexus 5. Here is his Google+ tip: Motorola will release a Nexus...
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