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Smartphone under 30K- camera not a priority


Right off the assembly line
  1. Budget: 20K-30K
  2. Display: Minimum 1920x1080
  3. Dual Sim not required.
  4. Preferred brands: Sony, Motorola, LG, Samsung, Asus
  5. Camera: No preferences.
  6. Preferred OS: Android, latest preferred, stock preferred
  7. Connection options: Minimum 3G
  8. Primary use: Calling/SMS, Web browsing, E-mail client, WhatsApp, Twitter, Music, videos. Phone must have FM radio.
  9. Specific mobile phones considered: Sony Xperia Z3, Motorola X Force, Motorola X Style, LG G4, Samsung Galazy A7.
  10. Previous phones used: Nokia Lumia 1020 (will not boot, inactive since Nov 2016), Nokia N8 (retired Nov 2014), Apple iPhone 3G (retired 2011)

Camera is the least of my concerns in buying a new phone, if I can save Rs 20K-25K, the price of a travel zoom camera that can hook up with my phone. I want my phone calls to last long and not drop or lose clarity. I want my apps to stay running and not crash unexpectedly. I want long battery life, and not a pocket toaster. I want better quality audio playback, be it from headphones or from the speakers, and gapless playback is preferred- either with the stock app or something downloaded. I need the FM radio, particularly to catch the All India Radio broadcasts.

One phone I am looking at closely is the Sony Xperia Z3/Z3+, which is a strong contender because it ticks most boxes, but the price is a bit stiff- I am also saving up for the small camera. There appear to be cheaper brands within Xperia, but I am not sure about those. Most Motorola phones are out because they lack FM Radio receivers, unless someone here can find a way around it. Among the Galaxy phones, the A7 is one I'm looking at. LG G4 seems a good pick, for a little less than the Z3+, but I'm looking at beating the price further. I do have a preference for phones that are well-built, and hold their finish for very long.

To sum it up, I'd like something that's not too expensive, reliable, well-supported, well-built, good with music and can play FM radio- and hook up seamlessly with a travel zoom camera.


Conversation Architect
One thing i must say most flagships usually don't have FM My suggestion would be moto Z play(Mid ranger) but i am not sure if it supports FM or you may spend some more bucks and go for one plus 3.
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