Small red lined patches on the sides of the LED TV


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What's the reason for red lined patches the ones marked in the attached image? Top portion left side also it is there
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We need to manually type h t t p s : // + {url}(without space) in browser's address bar to see the screenshot. Is this how everyone doing now?
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It might be backlight bleeding, which does happen with lcd/led monitors

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I have not heard of red colored backlight bleeding.

@soorajdigit Could you confirm if these red patches are there since day 1 or developed recently? And how old is the monitor. It could be possible that monitor is dying.


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Did you place anything near TV or anything else changed? Not sure what could be the issue. May be you should consult with local TV repair person.


we had an old crt that used to display red coloration at the edges of the screen-we were told that it was caused my some kind of magnetic interference .
The red patches were not very prominent though and were only visible against blue backgrounds.

However in your case its quite possible that the panel itself may be acting up and may fail soon.


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Since the red bleeding is from all sides, I am afraid it would be the fact that panel is acting up.
If the issue came up just after warranty period expires, tough luck.
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