[MOTO G] Flip Cover or Screen Guard and Other Accessories


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Hi folks,
Thanks a lot for sharing.
Please suggest a good screen protector and a case (flipcover or back cover) for my new Moto G

Planning to go for GadgetShieldz @ 320 INR for the Screen Protector.
If anyone's planning to buy use the Promo Code : adw20 for the discount.

Any Amzer users here?
I'm new to Water-based Protectors and I'll be the one installing it for the first time ever.So I need a better option if there's one.

Here are some of the cases that I found.
If anyone has them,please post your pics and thoughts about it.






Let me know.
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I bought complete body protection from Gadgetshieldz for Rs 399.Even I am searching for a good back case,Amzer seems okay but I am waiting for better cases.Please post correct links.The links given by you are incorrectly formatted.


Please check these variety of Screen Guards on ebay.
moto g waterproof screen protector | eBay
Simple, Anti Finger Print, Anti Shock, Matt Finish etc.
Take any of these, as you like.

It is best to use HARD BACK COVER
with any type of Screen Guard.

Soft Back Covers (Silicon / PVC type) push Screen Guards from all sides
and Screen Guard gets off easily.


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Thanks for sharing @shubhu.I think I'll go for GadgetShieldz in a few days.
Currently using the original protector film that came with the phone.

I bought c............

Thanks for the valuable advice @satinder.
I'll keep that in mind. :)
Please check these variety of .......

I think we should have a sticky thread for buying info on purchases like screen protectors and cases.


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Nope,i think it's TPU -> elastic.
Checkout Cruzerlite's Bugroid on eBay and Spi-Force or Armor (generic) from the link i posted.
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