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Hi guys,

Just wanted to know hows the multiplayer gaming scene in India is on the PC?

1. Is it easy to connect to European/North American servers and have not much lag?
2. If not then what games are popular in India to play Multiplayer?
3. Are there enough servers for games like Chivalry/Natural Selection 2/Hawken/Planetside/TF2 etc?
4. What about mods like DayZ/Trouble in Terrorist Town/The Ship?
5. What net connection is like the min. requirement and suggested speeds?



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1. Ofcourse you will have much lag on EUR and NA servers than Asian servers.
2. Dota2, CS , Battlefield.
3. No idea about the multiplayer of those games. Most probably they will be dead except tf2. I heard some digitian plays planetside 2.
4. No idea.
5. Depend on the location you stay. Check with the other user which plan they are using and whats the speed. Some ISPs are good at one state and worst in other state.


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1. Lag also depends on the game. You can play games like Dota 2 easily on 300 ping. Some like CS, not so much.
2. What he said. I think ppl play CoD too here.
3. TF2 has loads of servers in Asia. 2-3 Indian ones too. Ping will be good.
Idk abt the other games. There will be Europe/NA servers. There may be Asian ones.
4. TTT is good, has asian/EU servers. Remember seeing lots of Thai GMod servers.
5. Speeds dont matter so much as how good the ISP is in your area.
I get about the same ping to Singapore with BSNL 512Kbps(After FUP) and YOU broadband 1Mbps.


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1. Better to play on Asian/Eurpoe Servers. I get very good ping from Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, London, france etc.. Singapore is the best, i got below 100 ping on battlefield
2. Battlefield, Call of Duty, TF2, Counter Skrike[GS][/GS]
3. TF2, Battlefield, Counter Strike, Call of Duty you will find playable servers. I have played PlanetSide 2 Europe servers, it is playable, but game have some learning curve.
4. No Idea. Only played Arma 2 free, was boring/slow for me. Got Natural Selection 2, yet to install.
5. Any broadband connection will work, bandwidth usage is too low like below 2 to 10 kBps while you play.
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