How to get the password of the WiFi I am connected to?


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The IT guys of the university connected my laptop to the WiFi network but I do not know the password. This means that I cannot connect my phone with the WiFi nor can I disconnect it from my laptop. Is there any way I can get to know what the password is?

I'm on Windows 8.

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Manage wireless network profiles - Windows Help

Open up Command Prompt (or PowerShell) in administrator mode (just type in cmd at start, right click and run as admin) and fire this
netsh wlan show profile name=“Your_University_Wifi_network_name” key=clear
p.s. with the quotes this time :D and if you can't find the name properly type in netsh wlan show profiles to get a list of networks you've connected to.


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you could also find the password via GUI by right clicking on the network and then select connection properties and under security tab just enable show character check box ...
You could refer here Wireless Network Security Key - Find in Windows 8


if you want to know what is password then... right click on that wifi network> properties> show characters


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However you may not be able to connect Wifi from phone if they have MAC filtering enabled.
Anyone know what can I do in that case?
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