Suggest a Microwave Oven Brand/Model


Back to school!!
Hey guys, my 10 yrs old Electrolux microwave oven finally kicked the bucket today. We had already repaired it once one year back for ~2k. There is no sense is prolonging its misery. So I need to purchase a new microwave oven.

Requirements are as follows:

1. Require good durability and good after sales service.

2. Although budget is really not a problem but I'd rather not spend much on it. We never grilled stuff or made cake on our old model, we use it to heat stuff only. So I don't need those features, a simple heater will be good.

3. Do not need a big size, anything that can fit 2 medium bowls side by side will do.

Budget is max 8k.

I don't need specific model number, but I want you to suggest a brand that you are using/have used before which has proven to be reliable and has really good after sales service and economic long term care plan. I want you to suggest me the brand you would consider if you were to purchase a microwave oven right now. Bonus karma for suggesting model number as well.
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