32 Inch LED TV With Good Sound Quality


Broken In
Hi Friends,
I'm looking to buy a 32" LED TV with good picture and sound quality.

1. Budget --25k ( can be +/- 2k for good option)
2. Display type and size - LED 1080p 32"
3. Primary use of Tv - As a TV
4. Ports Required - Mandatory:HDMI,USB Optional: Ethernet, VGA
5. Preferred choice of brand - Sony, LG, Panasonic
6. Any TV in consideration - Seen LG 32LH564A and a LG 32Jazz model in local store.
7. Any other info that you want to share -
I have found LG 32"Jazz model with Sound of 600PMPO @ 27K Please suggest any other options if there.
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