Reliable Safe Modem Router?


I have a wifi router D-Link DIR-605L and a D-Link modem router DSL-2520U which is now having problems of intermittent speeds, as checked by the local Airtel Broadband tech guy. He told me to change the modem router(2520U) and get a new one.

I have a 16 mbps 80GB Airtel connection.

So I started looking for the same or similar modem router model made by D-Link or Netgear online. I was surprised to see that all of them have a sizable number of negative reviews saying that they are having firmware issues and no updates available.

The D-Link basic routers(like the one I have now - 2520U) also seem to have a hacking problem from reading the reviews, which seems to be unresolved. Actually I am also facing the same, with sudden redirects and popups especially on mobiles and tabs. I used to ignore it since I work mostly on desktop and laptop on which it does not happen.

The D-Link website says that the model(DSL-2520U) has been phased out. So now I don't think buying the same model again would be a good idea, although it is the cheapest model and still available and seems to have sold in large numbers.

Could someone suggest a good modem router (don't necessarily need a wifi router since I already have one as mentioned in the first line of the post) which is a recent product(and not close to end of life) and is known to be reliable and safe? A known brand would be preferred although the local Airtel guy told be to stay away from Belkin. Anything upto Rs 2k is fine with me.
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