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Need 1.5 ton window A.C


In the zone
Suggest a 1.5 ton windows a.c.Budget less than 30k.Which model & brand to go for guys please suggest.


By personal experience, Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star KC1816YA. It is priced around 30k, without bargaining, which is nice considering 1.5 ton and 5 star factor. Performance and efficiency (lower power consumption) is very nice and after sales support of Panasonic is good too. I have 3 of them and didn't face any problem with any of those.
Only one drawback is, this one is not very stylish or good looking.


Right off the assembly line
I am also planning to but couple of window ACs.
Can anyone please tell if the usage is just 4hours in night set at 24 degree, would a 5* or inverter ac is required or a 3* would be more economical.

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