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Hi everyone, just to introduce myself my name is Alan Zavacky and
I hope to join in as a productive member of the community
A bit about myself and my marketing background,
I'm an Affiliate Manager in the sports betting industry for the WBX Affiliate Program.

All Thanks:
Alan Zavacky

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abhinavmail1 : that's one messed up avatar you got there...I like it..


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A spammer who doesn't sell some kind of enlargement pills.That's a new one!
what are your thoughts on this?

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Googled and found out that it was posted on most of TOI news pages in comments.
BTW, who does these spam attacks, some kinda bots or humans ?


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alan zavacky newbie here.. : Off Topic Discussions and Everything Else

LOL google it...around 5-10 pages are there


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^^ You say it worth a read ? I can't really make out what does that post means. What is significance of 'European Christian' and 'USA conspiracy' in the context ? BTW, was this whole thing posted by Alan Zavacky ?
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