1. L

    what is meant by cross platform technique?

    What is meant by cross platform technique. How do they implement in mobile app development. Suggestion please...
  2. R

    which is the usb port in the below picture?

    Which is the port below in the pic which is BLUE ? I thinks its slighty offset and hence i'm not able to plug in my usb 3 or any usb 2 cable. Or is this meant for something else. This is front side of HAF 912. PIC attached - - - Updated - - -
  3. H

    A primer to Boo meant for somebody who has already spent a fair amount of time programming?

    I am considering developing my latest project in Unity and I thought it would be a good idea to give Boo a try at the same time. The main problem is that the boo documentation and primers are meant for people who have had little experience programming. Languages I enjoy programming with...
  4. A

    do my cabinet sucks!

    hey iam having iball rider gaming case and its good case but many people says its not meant for gaming is it true.??
  5. Ashokkumar01cbe

    What is......

    When I search through the internet i found some topics related to IP and I am unable to found the answer, please tell me ,What is meant by looping back the IP addresses....
  6. A

    sequence unpacking in python

    What is meant by sequence unpacking in python??
  7. clerkman1612

    Can 2 OS (Operating Systems) be installed in one laptop?

    Is it possible that 2 Separate Operating Systems (One Win 7 64-Bit and One Win 7 32-Bit) can be installed in a same laptop?8-) I meant these both OS should be in one laptop at the same time. And one more question. If I put 4 GB RAM in the laptop, then will Both OS will detects whole 4 GB RAM in...
  8. prateek007391

    MS Office 2003

    when ever I try to install the Microsoft Office 2003 The computer gives the message that setup.ini not found what is meant by that
  9. soumya

    The happiest day of your life...

    I have had my share of good days, but for me, July 1st 2008 was the happiest day of my life (till now). It was when I was recognized as a Microsoft MVP and what made it special was the fact that I am a management student and to be given an award in a different field meant a great deal to me...
  10. S

    Abit IP35-E Socket 775 Motherboard

    is this mobo still available in india? although i had seen it in an online store, i meant is it available in NP? it had a "Double Reboot Issue", has that been sorted out?
  11. R

    PSP FW upgrade

    my friend purchased a psp slim last week with 3.71 CFW.i want to uprade to 3.90 m33-2 in the download it says that i need the original 3.80 file but i think they meant 3.90.plz any psp users help coz i don't wanna screw up.if possible gimme the direct link to the files needed.pllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. G

    BSNL Broadband Usage meter?

    My BSNL BB meter on the usage site is showing consolidated usage of 23330755 KB and amount is Rs 386.Despite my best effort I'm unable to understand How my GB or MB I have downloaded,and what is meant by Rs 386.I'm using Home C+ plan.Can any intelligent forum member can shed light on this.
  13. hailgautam

    What will happen if I use Phone for Long Time

    I have a SE 790i, I am currently using it whole night to download from some files on torrents:cool:. what could go wrong by doing this. I am asking this coz phones are not meant to be used like that. Any ideas:idea:?
  14. lionheart133


    ummmm guyz who is the oldest member in the digit forum???? i meant in joining date
  15. M

    Gettin data frm Formatted disk

    My system was starting only in start mode.So i contacted the service centre.They tried to format c:/,but after formatting the system showed 40gb freespace which meant the entire disk was formatted.Noone knows how. What i want to know is, is there any way i can get the data i lost.Its very urgent.
  16. mohit

    NFS MW Help (urgent)

    I just started playing NFS-MW today on my pc and have some doubts .. I am uploading a pic and seeing that please clarify the following : 1. What is the green bar on the top centre of the screen meant for ?? sometimes it displays an arrow and stuff but i cant understand what is it meant...
  17. A

    UPS Systems!!!!!!

    Dear Friends, I recently bought SU_KAM Home UPS system 800VA, meant for computers, but many people still recommend not to use computer when power goes off. Is it true that Computer may be affected due to this? Also i know that UPS I meant to gove uninteruupted power supply , i wonder wat...
  18. T

    Auto Patcher

    I have windows xp running on my system with sp2 i would like to know what are the patchers meant for and do i need to install these patcher over the sp 2?
  19. vandit


    Today I was opening the shipit - unbuntu site and recieved the following error...... is anyone really trying to intercept my connection? or is it safe?? another question..... what is meant by transload an image? I saw during uploading the above image in ?
  20. C

    OS for AMD 64 bit processor

    I am having AMD 64 bit processor with 512 MB RAM. I want to install OS meant for 64 bit proceesor. Is there any such OS?
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