1. S

    Not receiving cheque from adsense

    well in our website our balanace was above 100 dollars with in march ....our account is not in hold and we are not using online payment but using standard system... according to google rules in march 30 our balance was above 100 dollars..then in april 30 it should have issued that money we...
  2. M

    salary .. blocked..

    it seems so. i left my compny .in march end/. .till today .. i am yet 2 receive my salary fr d month of march... i am joing another big compny.. now .i am thnkng of havng strng argument with HR dept.. but i jst hav a thought.. when i join. d new .compny.. if for refernce.. the new compny HR...
  3. C

    Problem with Skoar March 2007 DVDs

    Hello, I purchased the March 2007 edition of Skoar from a local news stand on May21 2007. The Overload DVD doesn't work; I have tested it in 3 different computers and the DVD didn't work in any one of those. I have sent an email regarding this to the following email addresses...
  4. L

    Two SKOAR Issues in March?

    Hi I just got the March Issue, Issue #13 a few days ago. Now when I go to the site, the current issue shows up as March Issue, Issue #14. - Anniversary Issue and it comes with a DL DVD + a Single Layer DVD and 2 Posters, all for Rs.200/- only. Need to check if it is out.
  5. hittheswitch

    Autopatcher for Vista - March 2007 available

  6. Third Eye

    Oblivion Is Finally Available for the PS3

  7. S

    First budget Dx 10 Card by nVidia

    Finally, mortals like some of us don't need to sell kidney(s) to get a 8800 GTX. nVidia 8600 cards are rumored to be out in march. Here's an extract from gizmodo and guru3d says: Guru3D has pricing details too. Now I can drop the idea of getting a 7600GT :D
  8. S

    [By Demand] - Digit March 2007

  9. P

    Graphics Extreme

    The R600 Specs are: 64 4-Way SIMD Unified Shaders, 128 Shader Operations/Cycle 32 TMUs, 16 ROPs 512 bit Memory Controller, full 32 bit per chip connection GDDR3 at 900 MHz clock speed (January) GDDR4 at 1.1 GHz clock speed (March, revised edition) Total bandwidth 115 GB/s on GDDR3...
  10. aryayush

    Does spring mean 'March to May' or 'September to November'?

    Hello! The Oxford American Dictionaries define 'spring' as 'the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to May and in the southern hemisphere from September to November'. Apple's next operating system, Leopard, will be...
  11. M

    Is it wise to buy ps2 now?

    HI guys i am a big fan of tekken series .I want to lay my hands on it someday. I know its only on ps2 and psp.BUT i dont enjoy on psp so i have decided to buy ps2 . But unfortunately i am in final year of my bsc degree.So i will be buying it in march /april 07 . So do u think...
  12. abhishek_sharma

    digit march dvd not working...what do i do?

    i am regular newstand buyer of digit...2 days back i bought the march issue..and found tht the dvd is defective. i checked the writtten surface of the dvd and it seems the dvd hasnt been written to properly, there r uneven rings on it. even last months dvd didnt work afyer a few days, but...
  13. N

    Google India-Code-Jam

    Mind-racing problems. Intense competition. Big prize money. If this is your idea of a good time, we invite you to enter Google Code Jam - India 2006, a programming competition that will grab your interest, entice your mind and engage your skills. Click here to register. When: Monday...
  14. RCuber

    Xbox 360 to launch in Asia on March 2nd

    Source still no news when they are going to release in india :(
  15. softhunterdevil


    ANY ONE HITMAN FAN HERE?? I play lot of games but like Hitman d most!! Hitman 4: Blood Money is awating its release in March this year. Hitman Movie seeking its Hitman. Any suitable actor for it?? 8)
  16. A

    Didn't get my magzine yet

    Hey digit people I didn't get my march issue yet. Can you tell me what to do?????
  17. anandk

    cant view march digit cd ! ?

    using forum for 1st time (!). use windows xp. could 'see' your digit cd earlier on. recently got pc re-formatted. then installed updates (not sp2). received march digit cd today. installed flashplayer from it. but when i say 'i agree' all i get is a black screen. ie cant view digits march cd...
  18. bharathbala2003

    World Wind Problem

    well i dunno wher to post this?? its 5th of march and still feedback of MARCH DVD hasn come up :shock: anyways.. i installed NASA WORLD WIND.. but then it said i need some .net.. i gave no.. so it installed without .net.. but then its not openin now.. :? is it abous. that i need a .net? and wat...
  19. Raaabo

    [By Demand] April 2005 DVD

    byte has finished work on the March DVD. Those requests and suggestions that could not be fitted into the March DVD will be carried on April, if any! Let him know what you guys would like on the April DVD. Either of us will be posting the regular preview of both magazine and DVD as soon as it...
  20. B

    [By Demand] March 2005 Digit DVD

    Please post all requests for the March 2005 Digit DVD. Ask for Linux software, help me find the good ones not included with distros.
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