1. A

    best birthday gift in rs2000??

    plz tell me can i have portable hdd in rs 2000 in delhi??if yes then plz tell me the detail like location n all i wana gift it to my frnd by 22th march n i have only 2000 rs....or plz suggest me any other thing which i can gift to him in this budget..
  2. Ecstasy

    Has anyone given the IELTS exam?

    I'm planning to give the IELTS exam by march. Has anyone given the exam here?
  3. Anorion

    [By Demand] March 2009

    Dont just request, demand.
  4. RBX

    Whom to e-mail ?

    Even this month I haven't received my Digit copy on time! This is 15 and this is havoc! Once I had to mail the editor several times at the end of the month when I hadn't received my Digit! There is another problem regarding DVDs that I get with Digit, last month' worked but the DVDs of March...
  5. RBX

    Some Problems

    I'm facing some problems! Wish someone could solve them! 1)I had been infected by a virus some time ago. I've removed it but its ill effects still linger me. I can't show my hidden files!!! 2) I see the videos as their Hue has been shifted! blue appears yellow, red appears blue etc in all...
  6. NewsBytes

    Net4 announces financial results

    Net4 India announced its financial results for the year ended March 31, 2008 Net4 India, an IP Communication service provider, announced its financial results for the year ended March 31, 2008. The consolidated total income for the year ended March 31, 2008 was Rs.137.63 Cr as compared to...
  7. soumya

    Microsoft Xbox 360 Sales Beat Sony PlayStation 3 In March

    U.S. sales of Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) Xbox 360 games console beat those of Sony Corp.'s (SNE) PlayStation 3 in March after Microsoft addressed earlier supply problems. Microsoft sold 262,000 units of the Xbox 360 in March, according to figures from research firm NPD. Sony sold 257,000 units...
  8. M

    March And April 2008 DVD Not working

    Hi friends Mine March And April 2008 DVD's are Not working in my sony DVD combo drive bout feb 2008 DVD is working very well. After checking Both DVD i found out some similarities between them, that i am pointing out please read it carefully. 1. Both of DVD,s doesn't Autorun. 2...
  9. hullap

    1000+ Proxy's for you

    i have 1000+ proxys documents containings proxys * * proxys Warning some maybe spam as i could possibly test each one * *
  10. C

    March 2008 Digit DVD Not Working

    Hello, I didn't know where I could post this topic; I couldn't post in the feedback forum because of insufficient privilages. Well, the titles should tell you my problem. I purchased a copy of Digit March 2008 (at a railway station of all the places) and the DVD doesn't work. I tried...
  11. V

    You Tube Hacked....

    When i opened You Tube in my office... it shows the following error message... hope site is hacked by some one... its happened @ 12 05 AM 22nd March 2008. ( See the Attachment. )
  12. gxsaurav

    Going to bangalore

    Well, Looks like I should take the membership of now I got my GD & PI call from Christ College Bangalore on the basis of MAT February Score of 719/800. The GD & PI is on 29th March at 11:30 am in Christ College campus, now I have joined my old job again recently however I will...
  13. J

    What games can we play on X3100??

    Hi all, I wanted to know what all games that we can play on x3100 with the latest drivers . Also i have heard rumors that a new driver is slated for march end which will provide a huge boost in its performance.... is it true?
  14. Island Dog

    Object Desktop 2008 "Guided Tour"

    Object Desktop 2008 is scheduled for a late March release, and today on WinCustomize, we showed off what Object Desktop 2008 will look like. If you are not familiar with what Object Desktop is, it’s a suite of desktop enhancements to change the look, feel, and function of Windows Vista and XP...
  15. P

    Woot WOOT!!!!

    Just received my new Dell SP2208WFP monitor via GATI. It looks absolutely incredible. Pretty fast delivery by Dell, considering the order was placed only on 5 March 2008. I am stunned by the new clarity of my desktop, and Vista is taking full advantage of the huge screen. Lovin' it!!
  16. A

    DirectX 9.0c March Update

    Microsoft has released the DirectX March Update. It is generally recommended that all Windows users update their DirectX for optimal performance and compatibility. Link:*
  17. evewin89

    problem with digit MARCH 2008 DVD.

    2dy only I bought digit march 2008 issue & its dvd is not working.i have 2 DVD drive,1st dvd drive is not able 2 even read the dvd & the 2nd dvd drive reads the digit dvd but afterwords shows dvd drive “not responding”.wat I’ll do now?please help?:confused:
  18. P

    Assasin's Creed (PC), Leaked 1 month before scheduled release!!!

    Hey guys, the games was scheduled to hit PCs on March 27 (AUS), March 28 (EU) and April 8 (North America) And Guess what?? It got leaked on 29th feb!!!! Just a few sources to confirm this :- *
  19. s18000rpm

    Yamaha's 4 new Bikes

    FOUR bikes that Yamaha will launch this year. two 150cc bikes-(18+bhp) R15 FZ150 two 125cc (11bhp) bikes Gladiator type SS Gladiator type RS Source: AutoCar India , March 2008
  20. Asfaq

    [By Demand] Digit March 2008

    Here's the deal... you have till the 5th of Feb to tell us what you want on the CD/DVD. Fire away...
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