1. P

    MP4 player

    I have purchesed one MP4 player--SONY,Made in JAPAN,of 1 GB . It contains some AMV files,which I cannot play by different Media Players(winamp,real,windows media player etc.).I have not received any Manual with the player. How to solve this and where to search (web) for Manual ?
  2. G

    Diskeeper users! Plz help.

    Guyz, I got Diskeeper 10 pro. After analyzing my 8 partitions, In all drives it reported that condition is critical because of some MFT. What is this MFT? How to set it? The recommended settings or manual? Please help.
  3. choudang

    Manual GPRS, MMS, WAP Settings

    hey all the mobile experts........ i need a help from all of you. can anyone give me the manual settings for all nokia mobile phones. it will be fine if i will get a url to have the settings.......
  4. M

    Firefox connection error,,,,,

    hi I am facing connection problem with firefox which is as follows,,,,,, after every restart of firefox ,,,it automatically getting manual proxy settings,,,, so that pages are not loading,,,, pl check this image,,,,,, then...
  5. G


    hi guys, how will I know the speed of AMD procerssor without consulting manual or Pc
  6. techdoc

    does default ubuntu install offers manual partition???

    does default ubuntu install offers manual partition???do i get such an option or does it straightaway format my whole harddisk??anyone who has done this b4 please care to reply
  7. QwertyManiac

    Close unwanted services ...

    You probably have heard of people telling you that you can speed up your computer by stopping unwanted services. But when you look at the list of services running, you are unsure of what to shut down and what not to. Here’s a small guide to help you choose what to shutdown in a list of common...
  8. Vishal Gupta

    TUTORIAL: Windows XP Services that can be Safely set to MANUAL!!!

    Guys! When we install windows XP, there r many services running in background. Among them many services r useless and can be set manual to make our windows faster. In this tutorial I'll tell u about the services which can be safely set to MANUAL. 1. Right-click on My Computer icon on desktop...
  9. N

    Asus MyLogo feature. how to

    Hai this is my first post.I have bought a brand new pc.It has a asus k82-mx and feature called MyLogo.It is specified in the manual that i can change the pic which appears during boot up(MyLogo).I have installed all apps that came with the board and read the manual but cannot find how to change...
  10. R

    how to open ports?

    hi, i wanted to play aoe:2 online, but couldnt, it used to go the screen which said setting up multipayer game and after some time it said:join failed. i later found out that ports 6667 and 1720 had to be open. i have a huawei AmartAX MT800 ADSL modem, i referred to the user manual, couldnt...
  11. club_pranay

    please suggest

    i have... IP4 1.79 GHz 256 mb ram(32mb video shared) 865gv MotherBoard (intel extreme graphics2 with 2SATA ports)with HT 80 gb 7200rpm hdd WIN XP PRO + SP2 my motherboard has 3 PCI slots. It also got the 8x agp engine(what the box and manual says), i can see the connectors but there's no...
  12. rajat22

    Windows Update

    After installing SP 2, ALL OPTIONS OF WINDOWS UPDATES UNDER SYSTEM IS GREYED OUT AND ONLINE UPDATE GIVES Error number: 0x8DDD0003. :?: :?: :?: :twisted: Till SP 2, I was using manual update with no problem at all. To correct the problem, I reinstalled windows and SP 2 without effect...
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