1. baccilus

    Help me access my Dataone modem

    I have a Huawei Smartex MT880. The problem is that i may have unknowingly changed it's IP address sometime back. I have tried using various Linux commands(using ubuntu)[like " netstat -nr " but my gateway address comes out to be I tried this command : But when i try this address in FF or...
  2. Tapomay

    FS: Cosina C1s SLR Camera + Accessories

    Hi friends, I want to sell my 18 months old manual SLR camera with some accessories. Those are in excellent condition and you can't find even a single scratch on them. The total list :- Cosina C1s manual SLR camera with 35-70mm Cosina Lens & Carry Bag Viviter 70-210mm telephoto lens...
  3. confused!!

    NOP settings for motorokr e6

    I want to use NOP(Net on phone) on my motorola motorokr e6.I have activated it but automatic settings are not supported on my phone. So i need manual settings.but those airtel guys are not even able to provide manual settings.So if anybody can provide me the manual settings,it will be great help...
  4. S

    Unable to Access Mobile Office on Sony Ericsion W830i

    Hey freinds, I am form Bangalore. I have Airtel postpaid connection,few days back I opted for Mobile Office 399 plan. As I have plan to acccess wap sites from my mobile only. I got the settings from Airtel,but only once i was able to access google. After that contacted CC. Got some manual...
  5. Gigacore

    LAN Manual for Everyone!

    Hi guys, this LAN Manual will help u to Setup, Manage and Troubleshoot LAN easily. This needs Adobe Reader to be installed Download
  6. ComputerUser

    Knowing AGP slot speed

    How can I know what speed is the AGP slot? I tried looking for it in the motherboard manual but could not find it...
  7. B

    Difference Between OEM and Full

    There is any difference between OEM and Full Manual Softwares. Why the companies makes a OEM Softwares. The features of Full Manual is disable on OEM ?. :evil:
  8. amitava82

    What if people bought cars like they buy computers?

    General Motors doesn't have a "help line" for people who don't know how to drive, because people don't buy cars like they buy computers - but imagine if they did... Helpline: "General Motors Helpline, how can I help you?" Customer: "I got in my car and closed the door, and nothing...
  9. topgear

    Suggets me a best TFT upto Rs. 11800

    Hello, friends i want to buy a LCD TFT Monitor. My budget is rs. 11800. Guys suggets me some best 17 or 19 inch (preferable) tft monitors within my budget. Also suggets some models which have DVI connectivity. Note: I have 5200 GFX Card. My card supports a maximum resolution of 2048*1536...
  10. a_medico

    Flashget - Speed limit modes?

    How does an 'Automatic' mode in Speed Limit functions? Unlimited Manual Automatic are three modes. What exactly is the function of the last one? Also... i need flashget to stop downloading when I start surfing, and begin automatically downloading as soon as I stop my tasks. Is it...
  11. shashank4u

    dreamlinux not booting..

    recently i downloaded Dreamlinux thru torrent .. when i burn it to the rewritable get smooth.. now the prob is that the cd is not booting also the contents inside are not showing if it shows somehow it shows very late...what may be the prob... i ve also done the manual md5 hash...
  12. hemant_mathur

    Need a Host for my blog and forum

    I am in search of a good free host for my blog, forum and site. I need a site creator having WYSIWYG editor and also a manual editor with ftp support. The blog should have comments feature. I tried google pages but it doesn't has good manual editor and does not allow mods to be...
  13. M

    mercury 845gl chipset

    Hi friends, I use intel p4 2.0ghz with 256mb sd@ 133mhz ram. My motherboard is mercury 845gl ndsmx. I have lost my motherboard manual can anyone provide a link for the manual. Or can i update my ram to 1024mb ddr @ 333/400mhz. thank you
  14. L

    manual partitioning for linux FC6

    hi, again, its been a while i have been using linux. i am not an advanced user, i forgot how to use the manual partition and also what partitions to create under which catagory, like ext3, swap etc... can any1 please elaborate it here! thks, legolas.
  15. morpheusv6

    Raid 0

    I have 2 80 GB SATA Drive and want to connect them in RAID config. Could you please explain to me how this to be done? My Motherboard is: Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9...
  16. prasad_den

    Software for conversion to mp4 format..!!

    My friend had recently bought a Chinese made iPod (from Delhi, for 1.5K - 1GB I think).. Its manual says its an mp4 player. Routine mp3 files do not play on it. On reading the manual (if you can call it that.. Its so horrible), I came to know that it accepts files (pics, video and music) only...
  17. K

    Manual line/page break to printer

    Is it possible to send a manual page break or line break to printer from a linux terminal? If so, how?
  18. DukeNukem

    Services that can be dissabled in WinXPSP2

    this is what i came across while surfin hope found usefull 1. To enter service manager, go to Start > Run > Type services.msc and hit enter. 2. To toggle the startup type of a service between Automatic, Manual and Disabled, double-click on the required service and choose the specific...
  19. D

    User manual for DvdReMake Pro 3.5.3

    Hello Everone, Where can I find the manual for the dvdremake pro 3.5.3....I had downloaded it and executed...there is an option to get manual from the help menu...when I click it I am getting this error "OS denied access to the file" I have logged as admin...Please help me as I am new to...
  20. R

    Closing an account

    Is there any manual way to close yahoo/rediff accounts?
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