1. V

    OTG pen drive for android

    Need a OTG pen drive. Mob: Lenovo ZUK Z1 Capacity: 32 or preferably 64 GB Do i need to buy a cable with the drive? Am confused with the specs of OTG drives online. Moreover, my phone does not have any manual listing port types etc. 64 GB drive on Amazon for 1189Rs : SanDisk Ultra Dual USB...
  2. A

    uninstalling software

    while doing uninstall what does some elements could not be removed and will require manual removal mean while uninstaling any can this manual removal be done
  3. karthik99387

    Network testing

    Hi I have few years of experience in manual testing...What is the scope for network testing in india? and what other skills do i need along with manual testing skills?
  4. J

    What is this component for on corsair h100i

    Hi I just purchased corsair h100i for my i7 3770k. I have no problem and fitting and working was fine. But there is this component - I don't know what purpose it serves and how to fit it. According to manual, i had just to be kept on that block after putting it on processor and put some...
  5. R

    siemens c2110 modem stop automatic dialling

    I have set up my Siemens c2110 modem to automatic dialing. Now I want to know how to reconfigure it to manual dialing.I am posting the screenshots of my configurations.
  6. Tejas.Gupta

    Need help :)

    Hello folks ! Need help in buying a camera Bridge Camera under 15K. I love photography but Budget is too tight for DSLR so going for Bridge cam. Selected Sony H100 and Nikon Coolpix L810 (Outputs if Coolpix L810 ) Manual settings also preferred . Hope i'm clear what i need :P Suggestions...
  7. clickclick

    Need a budget P&S for a start, please help

    Hi, I need an under 13k P&S for a start. I have liked a few, but not able to make up my mind. Hence i thought of getting an advice from the experienced ones like on this forum. I would like to upgrade to a DSLR in future, but only once am comfortable and used to a P&S. it should have manual...
  8. nac

    Camera talk...

    Hi guys, I was thinking of a thread where we can have general chit chat... uh... anything and everything about cameras and photography... It's for all from noob, amateur, enthusiast to professional. Come on, let's start it... Nikon has announced L610 similar to SX150, nice specification but...
  9. S

    [For Sale] [PS3] God OF War 3 [MINT] [Non Plat] [Disc, Manual, Box]

    Hi guys.. Here to sell off my copy of God Of War 3. Played for a single completion. Need monies. Details:- Scratchless Disc. Manual Intact. No cracks on box. Product location: Noida Asking price: 1000/- inclusive of shipping --> SOLD Pics:
  10. marvelousprashant

    Looking for a camera with manual controls, budget upto 16k

    So I am looking for a camera with manual controls ie PSAM mode dial and manual focus. I've short listed a few 1. Canon SX230/220HS - Is it discontinued? Can't find it online. Sx240 is out of my budget. SX230 is my benchmark camera.... Anything under 16k beats it in terms of quality? 2...
  11. V

    Canon SX150IS or Fuji Finepix S2950

    Hi, Canon SX150IS or Fuji Finepix S2950 I am still trying to figure out between these two cameras. Does S2950 have manual focus like SX150? Both have manual controls. Leaving the zoom criteria(12X vs 18X), which camera do you think is better to purchase. Thanks.
  12. A

    Software testing books

    I have close to 2 years experience in Functional testing. So far in my project, I have had a chance to work on only System testing .I'm now looking to gain complete knowledge on all the testing techinique so that it will help me out while attending interviews. I'm looking for a book with...
  13. U

    Advice for buying compact camera with many manual controls

    I have used point and shoot cameras for a while now... I don't have budget for buying a I want to buy a compact camera with many manual controls like manual focus,shutter speed etc... My budget is upto 15k... I looked upon this canon powershot sx150 IS...which it says has...
  14. clmlbx

    P&S cam with maximum manual settings and with Raw output

    Hey guys I am looking for cam mostly for Pictures and very less for videos.. cam which can give me maximum manual settings and most important give raw output instead of that compressed images.. . Budget :- 6-7K max.. I don't know if any of this available or not.. if not then do tell me...
  15. prvprv

    laptop with blu-ray drive

    Hi Friends I want to buy a laptop which has.... 1) blu-ray combo drive which can read blu-ray disks and write DVDs. 2) Processor i5 2nd gen 3) Windows 7 preinstalled 4) Laptop should allow manual RAM upgrade 5) screen size >= 15" 6) Budget < 40k Please suggest one
  16. nac

    Suggest Digicam 12k - 15k

    Hi! I am planning to buy a digital camera. But I have never owned a camera before. I have clicked few snaps with my friend/relatives digital camera. That's all my experience... Since I don't know anything about digital cameras, I googled and read some information about digital cameras...
  17. S

    Robotix 2012: Where Machines Dare!

    Technology Robotix Society brings to you ROBOTIX 2012, the biggest robotics competition in South-East Asia, to be held during 27 - 30 January 2012 as part of Kshitij, the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Kharagpur. From the sheer excitement of controlling a manual bot to the amazement of...
  18. dr_jimit

    Help me choose Semi SLR/ Bridge camera

    Hello Friends, I m planning to buy a Semi SLR/ bridge / high end extended zoom camera, Choices were 1, Fuji s2950 = EVF, AA battery, HDMI, Manual controls etc.. 8-9 k but clarity is not good in reviews,,,,, JUST AVERAGE 2, Nikon L120 = Better Clarity, Good video ,Nikon Name, but...
  19. H

    Best camera for manual controls and great picture quality well under Rs.10000

    I want a new camera for use at home..when going out somewhere and such similar needs...also i want to experiment with manual if there are 3 objects at 3 depths then being able to focus on any one...picture quality should be really good..depth of picture will also be...
  20. SlashDK

    Problem with adding gfx card on elite 430

    I just got a Sapphire HD 6850 but am unable to add it to my PC due to the places where the output ports are located being covered by the cabinet. I tried doing what the manual told me for adding add on cards but the slots cannot be freed. Please guide me how to do the same. Tried breaking it...
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