1. H

    Buying a camera this diwali

    hi, i wanna buy a camera this festive season. Any brand can do but it should be of good quality and sturdy. Budget - Rs.15000 max i want a camera which gives some feel of dslr manual controls but at this price, so super zoom is the category I am looking at. Features like geotagging or...
  2. Revolution

    Airtel Manual GPRS Setting For Streaming Video !

    Please help me ! Need Airtel Manual GPRS Setting For Streaming Video ! I'm from Kolkata. I have Nokia 2700 Classic and Airtel Connection. I can't watch YouTube on my mobile...... Can any one tell me the manual setting for Streaming Video. I have already contacted CC but they told me that...
  3. Kalyan

    need info abt APC UPS.

    This might be a noob qn. but I don't understand the complete operation of my APC ups. I am using APC UPS ES 650. there is only one button, two LEDs, one reset button. pls clear me if what I am doing below is normal or not. 1) When the ups is off and is charging, there is no indication. The...
  4. Techn0crat

    UPS Prob or MoBo Prob?

    I have just assembled a PC for friend of my cousin with following specs. CPU-C2D E7500(2.93 GHz) MoBo-Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L RAM-Kingston 2GB 800MHz HDD-Seagate 250GB DVD-WR-Samsung Writemaster PSU-VIP 400 Watt(Silver) Monitor-Dell 19" UPS-Powercom (Forgot Madel No but something like 606A,have...
  5. A

    Bsnl gprs access point changed

    Bsnl has chaged access point for gprs services. You can get new settings by sending sms MOBILE MODEL to 58355. E.g. NOKIA 6600 Alternatively for manual setup new access point is bsnlnet Earlier it was
  6. Spiff

    Puppy linux-- not booting

    I installed puppy linux 4.2.1 on an old laptop with AMD K6 processor, 64 MB RAM, 4GB hd(no partition).(Full installation as mentioned here) then located 'menu.lst' file as said in manual but it did not had any entries specified in the manual, so left it as it is. It was working fine when i...
  7. K

    PC restarts automatically after shutdown

    Hi ALL, Whenever I shutdown my windows os, the process goes well till the poweroff stage, but after a second or two it gets powered on automatically and starts to boot. Right now I'm disconnecting power through the powerswitch behind the smps. Any clue whether its a fault in SMPS or...
  8. S

    Canon Powershot S3IS SUperzoom Camera For Sale

    CANON POWERSHOT S3IS FOR SALE For sale - Canon Powershot S3IS Superzoom Camera. - 2 years old but in excellent condition. - 1GB SD Card, 4 NiMh Rechargeable AA batteries, One AA/AAA battery charger free. - Standard: USB cable, AV Cable, User Manual Buyer to pick up and pay. Cash...
  9. N

    Fs: [Graphic Card] Zebronics 7600 GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI E

    Fs: [Graphic Card] Zebronics 7600 GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI E - Price Dropped Rs. 1700 + Shipping Almost 1 yr warranty left. Box includes: Graphic Card S-Video out cable Driver CD Manual Bill If you want to cut down on shipping i can ship the card w/o box. Reason for sale: wanna upgrade
  10. S

    BTS-Sony Ericsson P1i-With all accessories & box

    WTS-Sony Ericsson P1i-With all accessories & box Selling Sony Ericsson P1i alongwith all the accessories i.e battery ,charger,head phone, data cable,1gb memory card,sync stand, user manual and software Cd with original box. for Rs.9000 location -Ludhiana-Pb.
  11. boomstation2

    Suitable Mobo for Amd Athlon X2 5600+

    OS Problem for Asus M3A78-EM & Amd X2 6000+ & 2x2Gb RAM Hello Friends, I have recently bought Asus M3A78-EM and Amd Athlon x2 6000+ with 2x2Gb Kingston 800Mhz DDR2. & W.D 320Gb Sata hdd. As it is suggested that 32-bit Windows will show only 3 Gb RAM (..given in Mobo Manual), I tried to...
  12. H

    DNS problems - this IP

    Something two days back has been installed in my PC, I'm at a total loss as to what got installed... I use WinXP SP2 and the ISP is Airtel, bharti broadband. What happened is the DNS in the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties (reached by accessories-->communications-->network connections, LAN...
  13. F

    UTSTARCOM WA3002G4 Wifi Router

    I am selling my UTSTARCOM WA3002G4 Wifi Router The router was bought via BSNL for Rs. 1800. Used for just 6 months and is in excellent Condition. Reason for Sale: Going abroad for studies What's Included: 1. WA3002G4 Wifi Router 2. Power Adapter 3. Manual CD I dont have the...
  14. K

    PI945GCM motherboard help

    Hi... I am in need of mercury PI945GCM motherboard's manual and drivers... and yes i did try the mercury website but could not download the manual or the drivers... Thanks in advance
  15. R

    Airtel dumps chinese mobile?

    Earlier I used GPRS from airtel with chinese mobile and the settings were furnished by airtel. Then I switched over to nokia for some time. In the meanwhile gprs settings in my chinese mobile got erased. Today when I requested manual settings for chinese mobile, the airtel people say they no...
  16. V

    RAM compatibility ???

    HI ! I have a Mercury PI945GZD mobo with C2D E4400 & 512 MB 533mhz ram installed on it. I want to upgrade my RAM by 1gb by adding another stick of 667mhz. When I viewed the online manual of the mobo...
  17. quan chi

    what does this mean.

    hi friends. well my mobo has a pci-e x16 slot. on manual it is written as pci-e x16 (x4 mode) what does that x4 mode mean.
  18. H

    Aftermath of a virus/worm!

    My Windows XP/SP2 was infected with a virus/worm recently(can't remember the name though) and it was removed using AVG Free Antivirus with latest definition updates. The system is back to normal and is working fine except for one quirky thing. I get this message everytime I start XP. I...
  19. aryayush

    Vista Manual. Part 1: Getting it out of the box

    Vista Manual. Part 1: Getting it out of the box Posted Feb. 2, ’08, 11:07 AM PT by Aayush Arya Ask Microsoft and they’ll tell you that Vista is an easy to use operating system but even they agree that getting it out of the packaging is no task for the feeble spirited. Among the Windows Help...
  20. arunks

    where to get eng manual for chinese CECT V400(d2000) & what is price of that mobile?

    Plz tell me as i have bought it from singapore and i have got in near about 190 US$.. what is its price in india... is this was worth buying.... ? where can i get its english manual and how to connect it to computer thru usb data cable as when i connect usb cable it just starts charging the...
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