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There is any difference between OEM and Full Manual Softwares. Why the companies makes a OEM Softwares. The features of Full Manual is disable on OEM ?. :evil:


I think it varies from software to software... Many limitations often are in upgradeability of license,etc but most features are generally available in OEM versions...


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The differences are:

OEM software typically does not include the colorful packaging and manuals that are found in retail version and support may not be provided by the publisher. However, OEM version is identical in functionality as retail software and is legally licensed if purchased with a hardware component. Almost all PC component and software vendors make two versions of the same product based on a difference in the distribution channels. One is the retail boxed products sold mainly through retailers. The second one is the OEM products which are sold mainly to system builders, such as Compaq and Dell (the OEMs). These bulk-pack products do not have fancy packaging materials and are often produced in much higher volume, both of which result in much lower prices.


Actually using the term Full is a misnomer here, It is the retail version and OEM, version. Even an OEM is not a trial version either, sure it can be feature stripped like in case of nero or some apps that come with digital cameras and scanners.

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As already said,

OEM / Full / Volume these are all Licensing terms, the basic software in Most cases are same, though the Activation or Authentication method in few case are different, but never the less, the software core and interface are same !!!


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Hey guys I have Windows XP home and show some numbers with OEM written.. Then what features are disabled??


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Original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, is a term that refers to a situation in which one company purchases a manufactured product from another company and resells the product as its own, usually as a part of a larger product it sells. However, there is confusion among many as to whether OEM refers to the company that buys the product and resells it or the company that originally manufactured the product.

like whenever u get a cd or dvd writer u also get powerdvd software with it. this is OEM version:)
why dont u guys google;)
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