FS: Cosina C1s SLR Camera + Accessories

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Lazy fat guy..
Hi friends,
I want to sell my 18 months old manual SLR camera with some accessories. Those are in excellent condition and you can't find even a single scratch on them.
The total list :-
Cosina C1s manual SLR camera with 35-70mm Cosina Lens & Carry Bag
Viviter 70-210mm telephoto lens
Achiever 828 Zoom & Angel Flashgun
2 UV Filters (Made in Japan)
4 Closeup Attachments
Lens Hood
Shutter Release Cable
Blower Brush.



Lazy fat guy..
Firstly sorry for the incomplete post. I think my poor Dial-up con. is resposible for this. It breaked at the time of posting.

@Choto Cheeta
Yes the camera is in Dhanbad and I want to sell this because at present I am a proud owner of a Nikon F3. One of my uncle used that for a few years and now it's in my safe hands (my last birthday gift) :) . Now there's no sense in keeping 2 manual SLRs. Instead I am plannig to buy some acces. for the Nikon.

Here are some pics of the cam + accs. ---




I bought the total products for about 21k and now expecting 10k excluding courier charges. I want to tell you one thing again that the products are as good as new in condition.
Thanks to all for your interest.
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