1. Tamil15

    What's your Android Q beta expectations for Honor Smartphones?

    Android Q developer beta is here for Google's Pixel devices, what's your expectations for Honor devices? Will it be a Magic UI or it will be a EMUI 10? Share your expectations!
  2. H2O

    IEMs Under 1K

    Hello Everyone. I had Sound Magic ES18 earlier and used it for a couple of years. Then I got Mi Piston from Flipkart. Unfortunately, I lost it a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to get Mi Piston again but it has been out of stock in Flipkart for the past few weeks and I don't know if any other...
  3. R

    Sound Magic E50 and E80?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know where I can buy the Sound Magic E50 and E80 IEMs? Thank You in advance!
  4. M

    Should i buy Sound Magic ES-18 Again?

    I had a Sound Magic es-18,well it was stolen :(,yep STOLEN The earphone was pretty good,nice bass.It is available for around 700INR Today.But i had bought it for 630INR Earlier. Im using this earphone for HTC Desire SV.The only issue is that i hear a small humming which is common in HTC...
  5. bubusam13

    Enabling Wake on LAN

    Guys, I searched the internet but not fount any good guide. I have few UATs IBM x3650 m4 servers. I have enabled wake on LAN on BIOS and Windows Server 2008. Now how to send the magic packets ? How I wake them up ? Is anything else need to be done ?
  6. P

    Sound magic ES 18 or Creative EP 630 ??

    Hi all im in confusion in buying either sound magic es18 or creative EP 630.i already used sound magic ES 18 and unfortunately the left speaker was damaged :-( . so need to buy new one and in dilema which one to buy. is Creative EP 630 gives better or equal sound quality than ES 18...
  7. Desmond

    3D pen that writes in 3D

    Source How cool is this!?
  8. V

    Magic Remote??????

    I have seen a few YouTube commercials of the Magic Remote. I can’t help but get the feeling that it’s not as effective as shown in the ads. Or is it?
  9. K

    dragging feature in LG magic remote

    How does dragging work in LG’s new magic remote?
  10. R

    Cool Magic Remote

    Impressed by the Cool Magic Remote! My friend had gone to a mall last week and while doing window shopping he also visited LG showroom and there checked out their latest 3D TV Series. He told me about a magic remote, which he claims is like a mouse. He took me there next time he went and I too...
  11. stellar

    Magic button wont save

    I have installed a software " magic button" which is a nifty little program that sits in your system tray and is ready to handle all of your repetitive typing work--so you don't have to type again. It gets save in windows XP but in windows 7, the software doesn't gets save. And have to type...
  12. samudragupta

    sound magic question

    hi friends i am keen on buying the sound magic e30 from ebay, however i was wondering if there is any fault with the earphones then is there any service centre in mumbai? who honors the warranty this is the only reason i am still skeptical on buying them.
  13. S

    Budget In-Ear Earphone (Confused) - Plz help

    *PL 11/21/Marshmallow* -Budget In-Ear Earphone (Confused) - Plz help Hi friends I am willing to buy a hi quality in ear earphone at about 400 - 600 INR max. I know many would suggest PL11 and PL21 and ask to increase the budget a bit. But, budget is fixed and driven by a deal I am getting on...
  14. Sarath

    Budget Earphones Discussion and Buying Guide (less than ₹ 2OOO)

    Earphones Buying Guide ( INR 1-1000 ) This thread is for people looking at their first earphones; upgrading from the stock bundled earphones or replacing older 3rd party earphones Most are willing to spend around Rs.500 and gradually go up the ladder with time. Hence this thread will cover...
  15. curioustechy

    partition magic error

    i'm using an 80gb single partition sata hdd in my desktop. i'm using a 1tb usb 2.0 external hdd (seagate freeagent) - divided into 7 partitions. recently when i opened partition magic 8.0 while my external hdd still connected to my computer, an error appeared whose screenshot i'm attaching here...
  16. E

    bricked psp

    hey guys unfortunately i have bricked my psp 1000(phat).i got the psp as a gift so i dont have any warranty cards or bill.i know that to unbrick the psp i require a pandora battery and a magic memory stick.i have ordered the pandora battery from at 5$.now i require a magic memory...
  17. K

    LG LV3730 or Samsung UA 32D5900VR?

    Hello friends..Planning to buy an led tv. After some search I narrowed my selections to these 2 models. Both are Smart TV. Almost all features are some except that LG has magic motion flow remote control. But I guess Samsung has its brand name and gives more quality than LG? I am really...
  18. S

    Playstation 2 + controller + mem.c +Swap magic

    Modded Playstation 2 + acc [5]k!!!!!! HOT DEAL!!!! [DEAL ONLY FOR MUMBAI-ONLY PICKUP] Hi all I live in Thane,Mumbai I want to sell off my ps2 as im saving up for an xbox 360 I bought this in the states 4 months ago performs if straight out from the factory PICS...
  19. akhil333

    where to Buy swap magic in hyderabad???

    i would like to buy swap magic for my ps2 v-scph 90004 (a new one) :smile:... can u pls tell me where to buy swap magic in hyderabad(address pls) :cry: or is it better to get it hard modded i mean a chip installation.. if so where can i hard mod it in hyderabad... iam very confused :? :?:.. pls...
  20. S

    Virtual drive Problem with Win 7

    I have Win 7 x64. I was using Alcohol 120 and it was working fine for me. But now no virtual drive emulation s/w are working. I tried Power ISO,Daemon Tools Lite(said for Win 7) and Magic Disc. Now only Magic disc is working. Others say there is some problem with installing driver. Any idea...
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