dragging feature in LG magic remote


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Remotes have became a simpler way to control the current smart TVs.Brands like Samsung, Panasonic and LG have been continuous research on how can they enhance their remotes.
If we talk about the magic remote for LG smart Tvs, i think they are easiest one to control and any new user can work with a lot of ease within just few minutes. The magic remote works just like a computer mouse where we ca use voice gesture, point and drag....here is a video link that depicts the working of it in a more sompler way
LG Magic Remote

Ankit Omar

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You can move it to the right to change channels or make an English alphabet ‘V’ to see previously used applications. And on home page you can simply move the remote like a magic wand to choose between applications. You can also see this video for more info LG Magic Remote
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