Cool Magic Remote

rahul jain

Right off the assembly line
Impressed by the Cool Magic Remote! My friend had gone to a mall last week and while doing window shopping he also visited LG showroom and there checked out their latest 3D TV Series. He told me about a magic remote, which he claims is like a mouse. He took me there next time he went and I too was amazed by it, such a cool device it was. Does any other TV brand come with such cool things that add to the value of the 3D?


TV Expert
I too have heard a lot about the same and also gone through some videos depicting the usage of the same and I must say It's really a great innovation by LG..
Samsung is also said to have the remote feature in their smart TVs but there has been some regular point of concern for the same through out.

Lalit Kishore

Broken In
Yes, the magic motion remote works like a mouse with point and drag. Just point to what you want and the sensors will follow right along. And no I don’t think anything like that comes with any other brand as of now. Cheers!
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