1. K

    Rise OF Nations : Rise of the Legends.

    Here is a new upgrade of Ron from thrones and patriots to Rol. This wud be coming Soon. Release Date: Spring 2006 Overview Journey to the land of Aio, a world embroiled in an epic battle between the forces of Magic and Technology. Fight through towering cities, flame-swept deserts...
  2. S

    Creating Partition Magic Bootable Cds...

    I have nero 5.5 and I can make windows 98 bootable cds using a bootable floppy. recently my friend gave a bootable cd for partition magic which I found really helpful (booting with it) and converting partitions to fat32 from NTFS. Now I am worried :cry: and I want to make a cd which I want...
  3. K

    Partition magic on brand new hdd

    i have used partition magic for dos to make partitions on my new hard disk(160GB). while i intend to do the same on my friend system his system assembler told me that its not advisable to use disk manager or paritition magic or any other except the fdisk. if its so, why microsoft hasnt...
  4. Dipen01

    !!! Problem with Partition Magic while Resizing....

    hey guys... Got a problem here.. i was resizing my Partition .. I mean i was decreasing size of one partition and adding remaining space to other... using PARTITION MAGIC 8.0.. and power went off... and when power resumed i started my PC...and i saw that the partition that was to...
  5. D

    Forum's a coded magic

    Well i might be exaggerating a bit but don't you think this forum is a bit of coded magic. Hats of to you Digit.
  6. A

    Artext or Magic Ascii ?

    Are they the same ?
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