1. als2

    Harddisk Partition Problem

    my hard disk looks like disk 0 now i want to merge 120 GB with 80 Gb as 1 partition and 149 GB as single 2 partition but i am not able to do so even with partition magic i can only able to get 120 GB and 149 GB as single single partition and remaining 80 GB is wasted
  2. FilledVoid

    htc Magic : My own opinion

    So recently after my Nokia 6681 took its last breath I finally decided to get a good phone. Initially I ha started with a budget of 15k and thought of getting the htc tattoo which was close to my budget and was something like 15-16k. Although after doing a bit more research and taking in...
  3. desiibond

    Apple magic mouse. Now, this is innovation.

    Seamless Multi-Touch Surface Magic Mouse — with its low-profile design and seamless top shell — is so sleek and dramatically different, it brings a whole new feel to the way you get around on your Mac. You can’t help but marvel at its smooth, buttonless appearance. Then you touch...
  4. Xeltos

    Asus M2A-VM problm.

    I have an pc with following config. AMD x2 3800+ ASUS M2A-VM motherboard. ATI Xpress 1250 onboard graphics. 1gb Ram AMD duel core optimizer installed. I played Prince of persia triology without any problem. also completed Far Cry(1) at 1024x768 res. But I cant run DOOM3 or Heroes of...
  5. S

    Help regarding partitioning my disk

    Hello friends, Recently, I have stuck up with a new problem. Actually i have 43gb in partition (F:) out of that 24gb are free space... So I decided to create a new partition using that 24 gb.... I tried lot of softwares to create partition but nothing helped... When i use partition magic...
  6. NoasArcAngel

    help with converting videos for psp

    hello there everyone i have 3 avi movie fies and want them to convert to .mp4 [mpeg - 4] format so i can run it on my psp i already tried using the red kawa psp video9 software but it was unsuccesful [was taking a large amount amount of time slow laptop proccy i have ....], i recently downloaded...
  7. rosemolr

    Three things that even Microsoft can't explain!

    Three things that even Microsoft can't explain! MAGIC #1 An Indian found that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the Computer which can be named as "CON". This is something funny and inexplicable… At Microsoft the whole Team, couldn't answer why this happened! TRY IT NOW, IT WILL NOT...
  8. V

    Drive Lost due to Partition Magic

    I have an HP Compaq laptop running on windows vista. I ythought of resizing the partition (as i usually do) with partition magic through hiren boot disc 9.5. When i started the software it showed me an error and asked if i wanted to fix the problem, i clicked yes. And now my E drive is lost. It...
  9. T

    js needed

    hi friends i've notice one thing when searching on google that when i search for any thing it displays search result in this it include some site which contains text you have searched for and the topic and when click on them there was nothing i know it is the magic of a js and i also wants to...
  10. R

    Hard Disk goes for a ride and crashes.

    On Friday night, irritated with my hopeless quasi-broadband I organised my music and videos. I found out that I was running out of space on my E partition (music, video partition) I decided to use PowerQuest Partition Magic 8 to reallocate some space from c(windows/prog files) to E. To tell you...
  11. jasku

    Can partition magic 8 be used with Vista

    Hi guys, just wondering Can partition magic 8 be used with Vista?
  12. chesss

    tantrik vs science

    This was so funny. Source btw I originally got this link from a pretty popular blog, so this must have become very popular..
  13. He28

    Vodafone Magic Box

    Please let me know if anybody is using the new Vodafone Magic Box, colour handset (that comes for 1999/-) I wish to know about the features, ease of use and battery life of this cellphone. If you guys have any link that has technical specifications or details of this phone, please forward it...
  14. N

    Harry Potter Magic Wand On Ebay! Have a look. :))
  15. devil_me

    charge your mobile once every month

    It seems that in some time we dont require to charge our mobiles and ipods every 1 or 2 days instead can keep them on for more than several weeks without a recharge. A laptop can go on for a whole day too. Its not magic but a new battery technology. Read this to know what I am actually talking...
  16. enticer86

    Partition Magic blues.

    Hello ppl I hav a 40 gb HDD, with 512 ram @ 2.00ghz. The hard disk has 3 partitions: 10 gb for windows, and 15+15 others Now i am getting the Partition magic soft to resize the partition and thinking abt keepin one windows drive and the other for data and stuff. What shud b the...
  17. jal_desai

    Only one partition in Vista... i want more.. how???? plz help

    hi... i have only one partition C: of 160 GB with vista installed.... vista's inbuilt disk management dont allow to partition C: because its a root partition... Partition Magic doesnot work on Vista... How can i have more (i want 4) partitions by redistributing the space in C: drive.... by the...
  18. Sinja

    Your Best favourite Single player PC game in Thes categories

    wats ur fav best PC game in these categories dopped on cpu squeezing requirements .. ^_^ 1. kungfu /ninja fps 2. Magic 3.Futuristic 4.aliens 5. monsters 6. adventure 7. horror
  19. Y

    How to due new/edit Partition

    How to DO New/Edit Partition : i brought a new DELL laptop from Malaysia, running Vista Home Basic. But i got only one partition C:/ (180 GB)! I want to make more partion (D,E & F). I can't install or use Magic Partition 8.0, it is not compitible with Vista (atlease it say so). Also please tell...
  20. s18000rpm

    Magic Slate

    Type in some lines about someone u like most & want to be with also if you want to do something for him/her write that also & then see the Magic magic slate :))
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