1. V

    Is it worth waiting for AMD Zen?

    Guys i will be building a budget gaming pc.... i will be investing 8-10K in processor. Currently i am not seeing any other option other than FX-6300. What i need to know is i can wait for Q1 2017 so can lowest Zen series model be expected under 10K also if someone can explain that will zen be...
  2. SaiyanGoku

    India has lowest average broadband connection speed in APAC

    Nothing unusual here.. Source:India record lowest broadband connection speed in Asia-Pacific region at 3.5 Mbps in Q1: Akamai
  3. G

    best isp provider in dahisar (mumbai) for lowest cs:go&dota2 ping.....

    best isp provider in dahisar which gives lowest ping(ms) in cs:go/dota2 Indian servers ......
  4. P

    Need peripheral for shop (namely photo printer, copier) . Help ASAP!

    Need the cheapest laser copier (or an mfd will do, if performance of copier is good) with the lowest running cost. Also, need a good quality (inkjet) photo printer with the lowest running cost. My budget for both is 16K to 18K. Need these for shop. Please help asap, will buy asap. Thank you!
  5. abirthedevil

    Calling out to kolkata peeps for PS3 buying advice.

    So my bunch of crazies are COD multiplayer addicts and our beloved ps3 decided to pass away. WE need a new one. Where in kolkata can I get a PS3 at the lowest price? If its modded out of the box it works, no warranty no issue. Main consideration is the lowest possible price. If anyone can...
  6. oroboros

    need a nexus 7

    Going to buy a nexus 7 16gb, with or without gprs , want it at the lowest possibe price, warrenty is not a concern:-?
  7. comp@ddict

    Apple iPhone 5 Buying Guide

    Phone 5 Buying Guide: Buy the Apple iPhone 5 for the lowest price in India. The Apple iPhone 5 is out and selling like hot cakes (lava cakes to be precise). The iPhone 5 being the fastest, lightest and slimmest as well as the largest (display size) iPhone ever took a place in all iFans as...
  8. A

    Want to purchase Antivirus.. lowest cost

    plaining to buy antivirus.. please help .... requirnment : lowest cost and effective.. for online usage and data transfer was checking out : Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 (3 User) @ rs 870.. that comes to Rs 290 .. if i share it with my friends.... Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 (1 User)...
  9. A

    [Want to Buy] new 32 GB Pen drive- required Lowest cost online

    i want to buy new 32 GB Pen drive... on Lowest cost online .... after a bit of google .. i could find 32Gb transcent @ Rs999... Any idea where i can get the lowest cost??
  10. A

    Lowest cost GSM network provider for STD calling?

    Actually i am going to move to tamil Nadu while my family lives in UP(E) now I want to buy a new sim which has lowest possible STD tarrifs(On-net). Later on I will ask my family members to switch to that network. Thanks..
  11. P

    Mobile shop at lamigton road

    Where i can buy smartphone at lowest price in mumbai. Specially at lamington road
  12. G

    Need to grab the lowest price deal on hd 5450 / hd 6450 !

    hey guys help me ! i need to grab da lowest price deal on HD5450 / HD 6450 ....:mrgreen:
  13. maninder4k

    Low Resolution Not Available!

    I have installed Sonic Generation but It's Minimum Resolution available in Game setting is near 720p HD but this is causing My game to Run a little bit Slow due to my PC low Configuration. There is no option for Custom Resolution & As you can see in Image the Lowest Resolution is 1280X768! Can...
  14. kg11sgbg

    What is the rating of Philips 202EL2SB/94 LED Monitor

    I had already purchased a Philips 202EL2SB/94 (20") LCD-LED(Backlit) Monitor.:mrgreen:The monitor is quite slim,much than my previous Viewsonic TFT-LCD 17"(VA1703wb)monitor. How do you rate it friends?In a scale of 1-5.(1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest of the score):wink: I mean the...
  15. T

    Help me about 3D tvs

    Hi fellows, In midst of technological advancements in the field of TV, I am left behind wondering what to purchase.First thought about buying HD lcd, then LED, Now I am eager to purchase a 3D:-D. It will be paired with my Videocon DVR stb.(which will be buying shortly)I have...
  16. S

    External Harddisk

    Hii,I am from keralaI want to buy an external harddisk of 160 or 250 GB.I would prefer Seagate,WD or Transcend.Which among the three is the best.what is the price.where can i buy this for the lowest price.Pls help
  17. nvrmndryo

    why Assassin's Creed I & II lags

    hi all , I have played and completed Assassin's Creed I & II , but I have played these games with lag on my pc,, even I down settings to lowest with no AA and lowest resolution , there is still lag , I have reinstalled Win 7 , tried both 64 n 32 bit , undated my graphic drivers , Direct x ,,no...
  18. digibrush

    Lowest consumption monitor

    which is the lowest power consumption 20-22 inch monitor?
  19. kanhadey

    What's bottelnecking in my system?

    Hello there, I have a PC with following specs: AMD ATHLON II X2 240 @2.8 ghz, Asus M2N68-AM PLUS Mobo, 1GB DDR2 800 MHz, Powercolor HD 5670 1GB, 80GB PATA HDD. The problem is that even Spiderman WOS and Crysis doesn't wish to crawl on my system. It plays sluggish even on lowest...
  20. gagan007

    Basic PC for 15K

    Hi Guys, I have gone through other similar threads in this section which mentioned PC for 12K and 18K but they didn't help as the guy with 12K budget finally purchased config for 24K and the other thread did not have whole configuration. So my friend is looking for this: Anyways it goes...
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