1. dissel

    Is it possible to install Windows after installing Ubuntu ?

    As the title suggesting I want to install Windows but I'm running Ubuntu 14.04.03 in my Laptop and don't want to loose any of it - If I install Windows may I loose the Ubuntu installation. I have 448.4 GB of NTFS partition under sda5 where I like to install the Windows, but my question after...
  2. Nanducob

    [India]ban on loose cigarettes to deter smoking

    source:India moves toward ban on loose cigarettes to deter smoking
  3. mandarpalshikar

    How to upgrade Motherboard without reinstalling Win 8

    Guys... I'm planing to change my mobo. So please give me ideas to make it effortless. I don't want to loose all my settings or do re-installation of all software and games by re-installing my Windows 8 Pro.
  4. P

    Connection problem in hdtv

    Connecting your laptop to your TV to view photos in HD is tiresome because most of the time, the loose wire connections spoils the whole thing. Is there an interface to address this issue?
  5. J

    Need alternative for UT300R2u

    I used this UT300R2U modem for past 4 years, the back power switch is too loose, and now it power off automatically because of loose switch. BSNL peoples says it warranty is over, so take new one. Is it wise to buy a modem from BSNL or any other alternative modem for the price below...
  6. theserpent

    How to update to ios 5??

    Hey i have an ipod touch 4g.32 gb. I have nearlly an content of 10 gb in my ipod.Now when i update will i loose everything of it?
  7. S

    Need a good mouse

    Hi, I am through 2 logitech (sub 500Rs) mouse in 3 years. need a better mouse(wire/less) for light gaming,surfing,photoshop,Autocad ... They tend to double click when single clicked... loose a click when dragged etc. need a scroll mouse nothing too fancy. Budget 500 to 1000. Please give...
  8. H

    HTC Desire Z

    HTC Desire Z is available for Rs 19499 at flipkart. is it a good buy? i like this phone and i searched a lot about its Z-hinge but i dont think HTC will build a loose phone. if some one using this, can he tell more about it?
  9. arpanmukherjee1

    Multi Screen setup needed

    hello, recently purchased acer aspire one 532h netbook intel vga media accelerator for mobile driver inbuilt how to setup another lcd with its native resolution netbook res : 1024 x 600 (10.1") LCD res : 1600 x 900 (20") i loose lcd res while coning the display if i extend desktop only...
  10. IronCruz

    software for SE j105i Naite

    Hello. I want a software to decrease the size of a mp3 file(songs). That means i wanna convert it into different format and do not want to loose the quality of the song, Sothat i can save lots of space in my memory card.
  11. R

    Help!! System Fan Stops!! Intermittently

    I seem to have endless problems with my PC! The latest in the long set of probelems is the system fan. When I power-on my pc the sysytem fan starts-up. Then stops ( a long beep is heard). Then starts again(sometimes). I have verified that the connections are fine and...
  12. Disc_Junkie

    Aamir to loose his body after Ghajini!!!

    Aamir Khan is going to bring his body to the normal after doing Ghajni. As interviewed by a reporter in India TV, he told that he is going to do a movie made by his wife and wants to loose his body shape. He also tols that he is not sad about normalising his body because this is the thing he...
  13. Champ

    New Nokia N81 - Loose Slider Problem

    Hi all, Thanks guys for helping me choose a good mobile. Yesterday I bought N81. Over all i am happy with the phone and it performs well. But I am a bit disappointed with the build quality of the phone. 1. First of all the Menu key is a bit stiff, ie it sometimes give slight kadak...
  14. N

    display problem

    system hp pavilion 6020in window vista home basic history recently upgraded RAM to 2x1GB from 2x256MB problem intermittent in nature no disply,no bios screen,key board inactive (some time key board leds glow once),no beep sound action taken monitor checked ok (vga con removed monitor...
  15. R

    Q to DELL Inspiron 1525 users.

    my sis bought one 4 months back.ever since she bought it ive found the DVD drive loose and the DVDs get loose in the tray. has anyone encountered this prob? tq
  16. ajayashish

    data back up for N73

    I will be exchanging my N73 with a K850i or W960i tomorrow... is there any way which can help me retrive my sms... i have 250 odd messager there which i dont want to loose...
  17. Manshahia

    problem with mobile's back cover...

    i m havin N73 M and the problem is that when i write a msg the backcover of the fone makes a lot of noise... the back cover is pressed by the fingers while holding it... and it is more pressurized while typing a msg... also the back cover slides a bit downwards at the bottom.. means its...
  18. clmlbx

    How Can I Backup Sms ?

    How Can I Backup Sms ? I Want To Format My Phone And I Don't Want To Loose My Sms So Is There Any Way I Can Backup It ?
  19. bajaj151

    Startup Error

    Reboot and select proper boot device...comes when i start my pc.... then I press ctrl+alt+del....to restart ....then error disappears... I checked my cables....whether they r loose or not....they r perfectly fine... Whats the reason for this error ??
  20. C

    suggestions for buying mp3 player??

    Budget:5k.Size:1 GB. Dont want it to be like the philips Go gear one where the headphone plug is so loose that slightest movement causes it to stop playing/get disturbed.The sound should should also not be too feeble/low. Thanks. :)
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