1. N

    Need help with c:Windows\system32.cmd.exe

    Am using XP Pro SP2 A few days back had installed Longhorn Transformation Pack. After a long hassle have been able to uninstall it. There is no trace of it on my system. However everytime i start my computer i get a screen as under : __________________________________________________...
  2. O

    Windows Longhorn

    Hi friends! I am a newbie here. I wish everybody a very happy and wishful day. Best of Luck! Recently my friend gave me a CD containing Windows Longhorn Alpha Setup in a folder. The CD is not bootable. And I want to install & experience Longhorn. Can anybody help me in this matter? I tried to...
  3. emailaatif786

    Longhorn Installation fails

    Has anyone of you installed Windows LongHorn! I want to install Windows LongHorn. I opened the setup, it asked me for Product key, after entering Key, it copied setup file to my system, then installed WinPE, completed first phase of setup. Then restarted my system. On booting, screen shows...
  4. Ankur Mittal

    Microsoft Preps Windows Server Beta Three

    Microsoft is expected to release a beta three version of its next Windows Server, code-named Longhorn, as a community technology preview (CTP) in early March, industry sources say. The upcoming CTP would be the first public milestone for Longhorn because it will be more widely distributed to...
  5. hdsk.23

    Latest Windows Longhorn Server

    Hi everybody Can anyone tell me which is the latest version of Windows Longhorn Server Please tell me its full name with build version
  6. S

    LongHorn Server and Vista sp1 to ship Together

    BARCELONA, Spain—Microsoft plans to ship Windows Server "Longhorn" and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 at the same time, expected to be in the second half of next year. The Redmond, Wash., software maker plans to release another Longhorn CTP (Community Technology Preview) later this year...
  7. sandeepkochhar

    Very Urgent:Pls Help

    Recently I was trying to install Longhorn Beta Version on my PC (Athlon 64 3000+ & MSI RS482M-ILD). I tried to do a fresh installation of Longhorn on my existing XP with SP2 platform. After running the installation shield for few moments, the installation prompted me to restart. After...
  8. sandeepkochhar

    Very Urgent:PlS hELP

    Recently I was trying to install Longhorn Beta Version on my PC (Athlon 64 3000+ & MSI RS482M-ILD). I tried to do a fresh installation of Longhorn on my existing XP with SP2 platform. After running the installation shield for few moments, the installation prompted me to restart. After...
  9. R


    When i purchased this computer i had sp1 installed in it. Thereafter i installed Longhorn transformation pach from Chip or Digit magzines Software cd. Now whenevr i uninstall Longhorn it asks for sp1 cd Which i haven't got bcoz my computer vendor had provided me sp2 cd.Whenever i try to upgrade...
  10. choudang

    BSOD appears when installing....

    all the exparts.... i'm facing a brand new problem for me..... i have Windows Longhorn and Vista [beta 2] Both, i have installed vista without a problem. now i'm trying to install Longhorn on a diff HDD which has XP loaded with SP2. All the steps are running fine. After installing WinPE...
  11. aditya1987

    Longhorn Transformation Pack v2.0

    Since November 2002 when first well known Longhorn build (3683) was leaked. It's very exciting news with many passions to own Longhorn look in XP. March 2003, Windows X started making full Longhorn Transformation Pack secretly but with some problems that he couldn't solve it, he paused it for a...
  12. J

    Microsoft Vista

    What is Vista? Is it an Operating System? Then what is Longhorn for? When is Longhorn releasing? Whats the difference b/w Longhorn and Vista? :?
  13. D

    Wat's Windows Longhorn and Windows Vista

    Few months ago, it was Windows Longhorn and now its Windows Vista .. I might laggin behind in some news but why the change in name or are they different .. is WinFS still being implemented and Longhorn's GUI is different from Vista's .. Did they drop the LH??
  14. gdatuk

    Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.5

    Has someone tried Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.5?? Want to change the looks of your Windows XP and make it look like the upcoming Microsoft Longhorn? This is another brand new release of the one and only Longhorn Transformation Pack. This small piece of software will transform your...
  15. rajat22

    eXP is a skinnable sidebar

    eXP beta build 0077 eXP is a skinnable sidebar for Windows XP. It imitates the Longhorn sidebar's look & feel. Unfortunately, the sidebar was removed from the newest Longhorn builds, but this project is continued in order to keep the beautiful sidebar alive. Download...
  16. R

    p4 64 bit processor

    whats the difference between amd athlon 64 bit processor and pentium4 64 bit processor and which one is better.also is there any compulsion that longhorn will be installable with 64 bit processor only
  17. kunwar


    I recently got longhorn transformatiion pack 10 from a cd from my friend. it was a cool transformation but................... a virus also came.......... named "W32.Pinfi". follow this link : http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.pinfi.html how...
  18. Vishal Gupta

    Longhorn Becomes Windows Vistaâ„¢, launching in next year

    Guys! Microsoft has announced the final name of Longhorn, (the next generation of Windows) which will have a very good security. The operating system, due out in 2006, will now be known as Windows Vista with the tag line, "Bringing clarity to your world." Microsoft's qoute: Windows Vista...
  19. P

    I need To know more about Longhorn Pack

    What about Windows Longhorn can any one tell me more about it?
  20. T


    wat iz the status of LongHorn? Update me on this plz.
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