1. setanjan123

    Games not appearing in steam

    I posted this in the steam thread but nobody replied so i made this . What happened is i got a steam key from a giveaway . I was not on pc at that time so told a friend to login to my acc and activate it . He even showed me a screenshot . There were 5 games in total . Now when i logged in i only...
  2. S

    I need help.i am using Meghbala broadband (PMPL) and using router TP-LINK (TL-WR740N)

    Hello guys, I am using Meghbala (PMPL) Broadband and using the router TP-LINK(TL-WR740N). I took my connection about 6 months ago.I myself installed the WiFi with my net connection and it was going well.i could connect all my devices iPad and mobiles without any interruption to the WiFi but...
  3. ithehappy

    I messed up Chrome's settings! Please help

    Well I don't what I did, and where I did, on my phone or desktop, but while searching for something the sponsored ads / links are not appearing on Chrome any more for me, when I have logged into Chrome. As long as I am not logged in, they are there, but as soon as I log in the sponsored results...
  4. chandan3

    Crysis 3 problem

    When i click to play this error message shown Plyerprofiles cgamecontext:startgame:no user logged in.help me guys
  5. S

    Problem in syncing and signing of google account in dellxcd35

    hi, yesterday when i logged in to my gmail account in the above just below the address bar i found a writing that "your google account has been recently logged in from hungary" where as i live in odisha in india.then there was a option to logout all your sessions from every where i clicked that...
  6. am·nesiac

    Is it possible to find in which room a user is logged into?

    Is it possible to find in which room an user is logged into? i am using yahoo messenger. thanks! note : ( i just want to find out in which room my buddy is currently in)
  7. A

    want a stabilizer for my apc ups back-ups Rs 1000

    Dear friends....:smile: I am from Kerala, I recently brought a brand new assembled PC.i bought APC Back-Ups Rs 1000 ups.Its a 1Kva ups. Now i have got a major problem within in a week of time my powerchute has logged 90 under-voltage situations.:-( so its kinda real disturbing,:duh2: and am...
  8. Raaabo

    ThinkDigit Forum - bugs, suggestions etc.

    Hi With bug complaints being spread across many threads, it's hard to find them all. I request all members to post errors and bugs here, and if you see another member posting about bugs or errors anywhere else, please point them here. Also, instead of posting "I got a Database error!"...
  9. sachinmu.1995

    Windows Vista Home Basic startup blank screen

    Hey guys, i have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop with the following config - 1.83ghz CPU 3gb ddr2 ram 160gb internal harddisk running on windows vista home basic 32-bit recently, i restarted my comp, i logged in as administrator, and then, all i see is a white blank screen. a few days before...
  10. thetillian

    Asdense help

    i have recently kept some ads from google adsense in my blog, i had logged into account that how nuch i got i had seen 5$ and kept my payments on hold and i had logged in after two days and it shows 0$, what why it is what happended, please help me with it friend's
  11. dhanusaud

    What is booting in Yahoo????

    Few days ago I was chatting a fellow. I was joking with him and he got angry. He said that he will boot me, "okay boot" me I said. Suddenly I was logged off Yahoo. I logged on again and start chatting with him, again I was logged off. Tried several times but problem was the same. No matter...
  12. rthegr81

    Windows XP logs in & logs out again & again :(

    Hey! I'm using Windows XP (Professional) on my Dell Laptop. Yesterday when I started windows, it logged me in, showed me the desktop & then logged off. Since I don't have a password for my user, it automatically tried logging in again and again logged off. Its either a virus or maybe some...
  13. J

    Logon unsuccessful: The user name you typed is the same as the user name you logged

    Hi, Iam using win XP with service pack 2 and in a domain. When ever i try to access any shared resources after loging in to domain with my account iam getting an error message that "Logon unsuccessful: The user name you typed is the same as the user name you logged in with. That user name has...
  14. emailaatif786

    eBay Trouble

    I was Just surfing ebay.in on my PC, and I got Signed In with my UserName, But after clicking on My Shopping Cart, I saw that I Have been Logged in as jayarajp2004, and I saw his all Account? ie; I signed In with My own Account, But I got Logged In as Another Unknown Account? But How is...
  15. blueshift

    Urgent help- cant log in-registry problem

    Last nite while editing registry i accidently deleted USERINIT registry: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\USERINIT.EXE so today when i try to log in i am logged out before i see the desktop. plz help me to revert the settings back.
  16. R

    DNS lookup problem

    I have server running windows 2000 server.There are 3 machines that i want to log on to this server but only 1 machine could be logged in the other 2 are giving 'DNS lookup error'.Plz tell me how to rectify this problem.
  17. slugger

    HELP !!!! thinkdigit forum not logging me on

    i've been facing this strange problem lately. every time i log onto the forum, i get get this message saying saying thank u for logging in [and then d clck here if it does not proceed automatically]. However the very next screen, that i see, i find dat i don't get d usercp link and my username...
  18. S

    Log In Details

    hi all i use a PC at office which is sometimes used by others as well. how do i know if someone has logged-in in my absence? i can see the pages from "history" but havent figured out how to check who's logged in. also, if the details from "history" are deleted, is there anyway, i can check...
  19. N

    Is this possible?

    Today my sister's orkut account got hacked and some other person was replying with her account on other's scraps. When my sister logged on and asked her who he was and how did he do this? He replied that you recently clicked some javascript link in your browser and cookies from the browser got...
  20. piyush gupta

    Continuous Logged in at Digit Forum

    if i dont do any activity for 15-20min. this forum automatically logout me i just wanna to be logged in for while day even if i do no post no clicks is it possible i just got frustrated by logging in a lot of times
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