1. S

    How do I listen wirelessly over headphone to my newly purchased VU 40 inch basic HD led TV (not smar

    How do I listen wirelessly over headphone to my newly purchased VU 40 inch basic HD led TV (not smart)? Basically I have purchased new led TV vu 40 Inch from flipkart. All I want is to be able to hear wirelessly on headphones from this so that others are not disturbed by sound. I have...
  2. harshilsharma63

    Need New Headphones Under 2k

    Hi guys. I'm currently using Philips SSHP2000 over the over headphones and I love them. But has its toll on them are the cables have started to get disconnected so I have to bend them here and there to get it working. I now need a new pair of over the ear headphones. I have these requirements -...
  3. R

    Headphone between 2k -3.5k

    The main criteria for the headphone is DURABILITY. I have owned the Sennheiser 202HD in the past. To my dismay, the cable near the ear-joint gave way. The budget is about 2-3.5k but I am willing to extend it slightly for VFM. They can be either on-ear or in-ear. IEM would allow me to listen on...
  4. Renny

    Require PS3 compatible headset

    Hi, Need a wireless headset to listen to all the in-game audio instead of TV speakers. Thanks.
  5. sam_738844

    Need MP3/4 Flac Player within 5K

    Yo Audioheads Need an mp3 player which is sleek and tiny in size, better if wearable/clipable with capacity to store around 500 Songs at a go within 5K. Pretty much worn-out with my heavy-a$$ big-a$$ phone to listen with, carrying it in overly-crowded bus, plugging in-out, changing tracks...
  6. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on MP3 Player

    I need to gift a family member an MP3 Player with budget around 1k-3k. Primary purpose is to listen to MP3 songs and sometimes radio. Should be of decent quality.
  7. TheHumanBot

    [Suggetions] Full Music Albums

    Guys, Suggestions for listening to not one particular song but the whole must must listen albums of your choice any genre? Thank you :D
  8. 7shivam1

    Sony MDR-XB400 vs Sony MDR-XB30EX, Help me im confused.

    I made a thread sometime ago asking for bassy headphone recommendation around 1k. but I have found these 2 headphones both at1.4k on amazon. they both seem amazing.. but I'm confused which one to go for.. one is In ear and other is over head. I listen on PC and mobile as well. I'd like to...
  9. S

    headphones under 2.5k

    hey,i am looking for a pair of headphones with a budget of2-2.5k.i need the headphones for mainly listening to music and gaming,and some movies/series(not much).i don't really mind between IEM and over the ears,but they should be comfortable,sturdy and i should be able to listen to them for long...
  10. avichandana20000

    5.1 speaker

    Pls suggest a 5.1 channel PC speaker around 8k. Mobo is GA990xa with Realtek. Personal choice Edifer & F&D Will listen to mono , stereo music and 5.1 sound movies.
  11. flyingcow

    Want to buy headphones for 3k

    Please suggest me headphones for nearly 3k Main purpose would be to listen to music and gaming, basically everything i do on a pc, i do it with headphones on. Therefore they must be comfortable too during prolonged use. Shouldfeel somewhat premium andlook good, shouldnt be like cheap iball...
  12. P

    IPod or a mobile for listening to music

    Hey all, Today an odd question I am gonna ask. I have iPod touch 4 32 GB. I am currently using HTC Desire X. It gets a little troublesome for me to carry both gadets. I carry IPod touch to listen to music. So I am thinking to sell off my iPod touch 4. Will listen music in my mobile...
  13. rohanz

    Ear phones (1.5k)

    Hello guys, I want to buy in-ear headphones. My budget is 1.5k final. No preference to any brand. I love dubstep but listen to other genres too, so the headphones should be able to play diverse genres.
  14. anirbandd

    Signature Acoustics C-12 Wooden IEM review

    Introduction Its high time India took its stand in the international stage for producing audiophile grade sound products, and Navi Mumbai based Pristine Note [ProAudioHome] is leading the Indian bandwagon with its flagship Signature Acoustics C-12 Wooden IEM. The C-12s have been...
  15. manik786wani

    help me plz

    i want a 5.1 best computer speaker with fm but my budget is very low 4k that have a remote and a led screen i vel be playing hd games watching hd movies and listen best quilty songs plz help me i want speaker of any compny like intex umax enter logitech etc head phone good for listen song...
  16. M

    no sound in browser

    these days i am unable to listen any sound in browsers whether i play videos or audio i am unable to listen sound . my speakers are working well when i play videos which are on my computer then they have sound but only browser is not giving any output to speakers using win 7...
  17. U

    Need IEM with Mic around 2,.5K

    I want to purchase a new set of IEM to replace my lost Skullcandy 50 50. The budget is around Rs 2,500 . I listen mainly to heavy metal . please suggest me a good IEM.
  18. S

    HDMI In/Out - Buying TV

    Hello there, I know very basics about HDMI and others. I guess HD speakers can be connected to HD TV via HDMI out port to have good sound quality, is it ? If yes then do I need to have HDMI out port on my TV to listen TV audio in HD quality? or the settop box has those things...
  19. mohityadavx

    Earphone for 1.5k

    Need new earphones (Earphones only plz dont suggest headphones) Type - Non In Ear Yeah Dont want IEMs Use - Movies ( I dont listen to much music all I need these earphones is to watch movies TV shows etc and once in a while to listen to random songs on my LG P500 while I am travelling)...
  20. NoasArcAngel

    All about music and sound. Must "hear" before you buy.

    Hi guys i will be posting a audio post. since i am too tired and lazy to type :D . so i hope you bear and listen to me while i provide you with insight into my thought on sound and what to buy what not to buy. Just keep listening \m/
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