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  1. paper_heart_21

    [fun] lol limewire

    Hey guyz Go ahead type "lol limewire" in Google and hit "I am feeling lucky" :-D
  2. C

    Open Ports

    Well after a few gigs of heavy download my school closed all the ports. So now I can't use torrents, limewire or any p2p sofware.:mad: All ports are blocked. I tried like so many, utorrent says all blocked.. Now is there any way to find which ports are open? I tried typing netstat -a in cmd and...
  3. cooldudie3

    Is Limewire Safe?

    Hey everybody, I *he*ked o*t lime wire and I wanted to know if there wo*ld be any problems abo*t vir*ses. I *sed Limewire to download m*si*. I wanted to know if vir*ses or spyware wo*ld go with the file. If there is, will AVG Free Edition destroy the vir*s.
  4. napster007


    recently i formatted my system and installed the windows Vista ultimate. today while installing limewire i encountered a problem. The save destination folder which i used to keep in my drive E: is now giving a problem. It gives a warning message that the destination folder is write protected...
  5. ashstud_83

    Limewire problem

    i have been facing this problem since the past 1 week...:confused: i was using limewire to download stuff and the speeds were always in the 107kbps-120kbps range...Since 3-4 days the speed has come down to 2-3kbps without any kind of intimation or problem from the PC..i was using the default...
  6. ramsingh


    so far i have downloaded from Limewire. i hav heard abt torrents..... so how to use it.. what abt speeds? i hav dtaaone i get 80-90 KBs in Limewire .. sometimes even 110 KBs on a single file ..
  7. naveen_reloaded

    FrostWire Is Open Source For LimeWire Lovers

    LimeWire has picked up popularity over the years since the death of Napster (the free, arguably illegal version anyhow), and the tendency for KaZaA users to get sued for file sharing. The biggest complaint you’ll hear from users is the constant nagging to upgrade to the Pro version of LimeWire...
  8. the.kaushik

    Why LimeWire not working on BSNL BB!

    Got my BSNL bb.. I dont know why limewire is not working.. Its not getting connected.. No error but simply the network status is empty.. any idea?
  9. entrana

    Limewire problem

    guys im using limewire but whenever i open it it just closes in 1 second, i did restarting virus scanning all the stuff but still this happens any help?
  10. S

    kazaa and limewire

    guyz,i have heard a lot about these 2. how r these? better than torrents?
  11. entrana

    Problem with Azureus

    This weird problem is happening i run azurues then like in 1 second it just shuts down automatically any help? same thing happens with limewire as well
  12. Manshahia

    restoring Limewire?

    i was downloading Ubuntu :D when my windows crashed.. By using an older version of ubuntu i copied the folder of limewire from application folder in documents and settings.. i was downloading all stuff in E drive.. now i want to resume that from where i was in older windows.. can anyone plz...
  13. pritish_kul2

    limewire prob

    this message pops up every sec. since i unistalled limewire LimeWire version 4.13.0 Java version 1.5.0_11 from Sun Microsystems Inc. Windows XP v. 5.1 on x86 Free/total memory: 29320720/33357824 com.limegroup.gnutella.gui.GUILoader$StartupFailedException: invalid xml.war at...
  14. BBThumbHealer

    Limewire Pro Probs..

    hey buddies.. i download two video songs from Limewire and saved them in this directory :: C:\Program Files\Limewire\Downloads [ Created my own folder ] now when i browse to the folder within the limewire directoy..there is no such folder available :confused:...turned on all hidden files and...
  15. sav_more

    unable to install limewire in ubuntu

    i downloaded the .zip installer for limewire from the limewire site(one option was .rpm so i choose the other option LimeWireOther.zip) .i dont know what the hell to do wid this file... can som one tell me how to install this or anyother file like this.and also how to uninstall programs thanks
  16. C

    prob wid wi-fi

    i m studying in a colg in pune .. we have wi-fi in our campus..the prob is that they have blocked sites like orkut and hi5...wen we open it sayd "the site is forbidden"..and the most prob os that i cant use limewire and torrents..i need them very much..sum1 pls help me..:(
  17. C

    wi-fi prob

    hey m in colg in pune..we have wi-fi enabled campus..and it have proxy server...the prob m facing is that i cant use limewire/ torrents here..sum1 pls help me..i need both of these badly!! :cry:
  18. V

    Which is best p2p shareware

    There are different sites : limewire, morpheus, torrent, rapidshare and so on. Which one is the best and user friendly.
  19. K

    limewire loads every minute.help!

    hey could someone help me please,i tried using limewire,and now it loads automatically on start-up and so i tried un-installin it and i get the message 'limewire launch error' can someone help me?
  20. thetopcyborg

    Schedule downloads in limewire

    hey all, i hv limewire pro 4.10...i want to schedule all my downloads at a specific time(2:00 a.m, to be precise)....how can i do that??? pls help... if it is not possible with limewire, then pls suggest me a P2P client which has this capability and has such a wide network......i dont want...
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