1. patkim

    faint flicker in tube light even after switched off

    In one tube light in the house, one end of the tube still flickers intermittently faintly for a long time even after the button is switched off. It's only visible in the dark & not during daytime. I wonder what is causing it? Does the choke release some leakage current even after the switch is...
  2. A

    MOBO / PSU Issue: POwer llight glows on MOBO but it does not boot

    My ASUS Mobo is showing green light once the mains are ON. But when i hit the On button on the Cabinet, the MOBO does not boot. my config: MOBO-Asus M5A97R2.0 EVO, CPU-AMD 6300 3.5Ghz, RAM-GSkill 2x4Gb, PSU-Antech 550P V2 Initially i suspected my PSU, so i check it with Multimeter, for all...
  3. D

    Best light weight laptop under 40-45k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 40 - 45K max 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light weight; 11-14" screen /2 in ones 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Multimedia apps, general usage 5) Any typical...
  4. A

    Help for my project on Light Fidelity

    I am a 15 year old student in tenth grade, from India. I have been trying to make a project on Light Fidelity for a science event in my school. I decided to start simple, and transmitted the audio signal from a pocket radio to a mono speaker. This is how I did it. I connected a stereo jack...
  5. D

    Problem with new HP monitor purchased from amazon.

    Guys i purchased a HP monitor (HP 22vx IPS Monitor) from amazon. I noticed a wired problem with shades of grey color. Grey color looks cream yellow (light brownish). It is very visible because chrome browser is gray color but on this monitor it looks like cream yellow (light brownish). Even...
  6. dude1

    Need Urgent Help..Buying Laptop..Budget 70- 80k

    1) What is your budget? 70k,80k if its worth. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 13-15 inch, my 15 inch samsung jst broke down. 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Watching movies, project work, and Light gaming...
  7. babumoshaaye

    The darkest material on earth

    Makers of the darkest material on earth, Vantablack have created a darker material using the same carbon nanotube surface used in the previous version. In fact, the new material is so dark that the spectrometers couldn't measure the percentage of light absorbed. The previous material was capable...
  8. Skyh3ck

    Free PDF to Word, Excel etc converter

    Hello Guys Can you please suggest some easy to use light and quick free software to convert pdf document to excel, word etc. Thanks
  9. Anorion

    KIC 8462852 - The WTF Star with possible Alien Superstructures

    The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy - The Atlantic This anomalous star system detected by the Kepler Mission defies any natural explanation - - - Updated - - - Forget Water on Mars, Astronomers may have found giant alien 'megastructures' orbiting star near the Milky Way
  10. B

    [Honest Review] LED Selfie Light (iBlazr)

    Hell Friends, We are usually taking pictures of Friends or of Places we visit. But most of us do not carry a bulky SLR or Pro cams. What we usually have is our tiny little cellphone. While Phone cameras have improved by leaps and bounds, The problems remain the same. Small Sensors and Small...
  11. chandan3

    moto g3 display problem

    Hello guys,I just got my moto g 3 this week... I noticed vertical line on the mobile display today when back light is off or phone is in sleep mode..These lines are not visible when light is on... Moreover they are viable at a particular angle only or under direct light focussed on it.The...
  12. M

    Need help in buying Light weight, good battery Laptop for around45K

    Here is the Questionnaire, Can you help me with some suggestions. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 45,000 can stretch a bit (around 4k) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light;14" + 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing...
  13. L

    Decent speakers under 2k

    I have music cranked up almost all the time and do some light online gaming like COD, TF2 and some indie titles.
  14. Chetan1991

    [Require] Tutorial on creating a 5 - 10W LED light that can be powered with a power bank

    Hello everyone. I just bought a 10400mAh Xiaomi power bank and thought it would be nice if I could illuminate my room with it, in addition to charging my phone. Considering it provides 2A current at 5V, I am assuming it can run a 10W (P = IV) LED light (correct me if I'm wrong.) But I have...
  15. Shibaprasad

    PSU Troubleshoot Please Help

    Few days ago my computer refused to start. There were no HDD light, fan spinning nothing. Only mobo light was on. I tried paper clip test (wikihow), PSU fan just moved and stopped. Then nothing happened. I tried several times and got same result. Is this a PSU problem? One thing, week ago my...
  16. nac

    Broadband gets disconnected

    My connection is getting disconnected every now and then. I don't know what's the problem. I contacted ISP (BSNL) and they came and checked the telephone line and said things are fine and re-wired to make sure that there is no lose contacts. I have been facing this issue for the past 10 days or...
  17. kg11sgbg

    Is the network configuration O.K.???

    Friends waiting for your suggestions and advice. I am sorry to whitestar_999, as inspite of his advise to go in for a 300MBps modem+router, I purchased the 150MBps TP-Link TD-W8951ND adsl2+ modem+ router+wifi. I have replaced the 5dBi antenna(factory set) with the 10dBi antenna on this...
  18. R

    32k max laptop for Light Gaming , virtualization

    Need laptop suggestion for a friend 1) What is your budget? 30-32k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? any , higher the bette 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? HD movies , vmware ( server 2012 +win8.1) (might...
  19. theserpent

    [Praise] WD My Passport has stopped detecting

    My WD My passport 1 TB HDD, had a small fall.No damage. It showed the contents for 2-3 seconds, now it does not detect.Though the light is blinking. What do I do?
  20. patkim

    How to add one more device under inverter

    I have a 600VA inverter. I am planning to include one more usual light point from the bathroom under inverter. This might overload but will ensure that it’s not fully loaded if ever need be. I am not very familiar with the circuitry. It looks like there’s one 'Live' wire coming from back...
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