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Makers of the darkest material on earth, Vantablack have created a darker material using the same carbon nanotube surface used in the previous version. In fact, the new material is so dark that the spectrometers couldn't measure the percentage of light absorbed. The previous material was capable of absorbing about 99.96 percent of light incident on it, and since it could be measured, it's clear that the new material absorbs more than 99.96.


Source: Engadget


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I mean whats the real use in this ?

Batman's next upgrade.

As for real world use, there are several sectors where it can be used especially equipment susceptible to or rather sensitive to incident light. For instance, the interiors of cameras and telescopes. Coating Vantablack in the interiors will restrict light to stray away into unwanted areas.

Could also be used for stealth in military vehicles.


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can it be used for invisibility cloak :D ...
as it absorb 99.96% or light its almost invisible to us. As we see things only when light is reflected from it, if no light reflected it become invisible to us


lol thats is not how invisibility works, if light passes through an object and returns back after hitting objects that are in line of sight, through the object, that is invisibility
at best, we can accomplish, bending light around an object to make it pass through but its not true invisibility.. If you've seen the "predator" cloak, it does exactly this
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