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Right off the assembly line
I am a 15 year old student in tenth grade, from India. I have been trying to make a project on Light Fidelity for a science event in my school. I decided to start simple, and transmitted the audio signal from a pocket radio to a mono speaker. This is how I did it.

I connected a stereo jack (3.5mm) to the radio. I connected the ground pin of the jack to the cathode of a small LED. The left channel pin was connected to the anode of the LED. In addition, I connected a 9V battery with a 1k ohm resistor to the anode and cathode of the same LED. This was my transmitter circuit.

In the receiver circuit, I simply connected a solar panel (6V) to the speaker. I powered the speaker through wall socket (230 V AC current). It worked. I was able to transmit audio.

Now, I want to be able to transmit a video, in the same way you did in your TED talk a few years ago. This time, my input is an AV jack from an old DVD player. I connected the ground wire of the AV cable from the DVD player to the cathode of LED and the positive wire to the anode of the LED. In addition, I connected a 9V battery with resistor to the LED. As above, I connected the solar panel (6V) directly to the AV cable of a mini screen which takes AV input. The screen is powered by a wall socket.

This time however, nothing shows up on the screen. I tried using an LED of higher brightness (1 watt). Now, only an icon shows up on the screen which says "AV 1 detected" for a short while and then disappears altogether.

I would be obliged if anyone explained to me how you achieved video transmission through Light Fidelity. I would be very grateful if you sent me a detailed paper regarding this project. Even a circuit diagram would greatly help. Thank you.




thank god your receiver circuit did not blow or get into fire. stop working with mains ac.

even though you could work with audio, its not proper way to do it. so, research a bit, and consult with teachers before trying it out.
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