1. K

    Suggestion for a SSD

    I want a 120 GB SSD just for the system drive to improve speed. Problem is my budget. Can you suggest a good SSD around Rs.5.5k ? Or should i wait for the prices to go down to get a good SSD? And is it true that lifetime of SSDs is very short? I've heard that they die out quickly.
  2. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY] AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition

    Downloads available till January 10th. Lifetime validity. download
  3. speedyguy

    Cheap and Best GPS Navigator for Android (Xperia Ray)

    Need that for newly bought Sony Xperia Ray. It has Wisepilot installed but only trial for a week. Now navigation option is not available. I also tried Sygic, its good too but again one week trial. Lifetime purchase would be more than Rs. 3000/- for both. I can't spend that much and neither I...
  4. P

    Lifetime question

    I'm thinking of choosing between AMD Phenom x4 955 and Intel Core i5 (2 core).I've already compared the performances in Digit and on the net. I need to know which has a better lifetime i.e longer lasting. Some friends told me that intel processors/motherboards last much longer than AMDs. For me...
  5. Faun

    Transcend's Liftime warranty ?

    It just happened that my RAM died and when I asked the dealer to replace it, he said that the warranty of 3 years is over. I said it is written that the product has lifetime warranty. He told me that it is not so. So we consumers are duped by Transcend Lifetime Warranty bullshIt?:neutral...
  6. M

    DDR 400MHz RAM 1GB/512MB

    I have spare DDR RAM, in case somebody wants them: 1GB Hynix chips 400MHz Rs 1200+shipping 4x 512MB Transcend 400MHz 500+shipping each (Have lifetime warranty stickers) Location: Bangalore , can send anywhere.
  7. J

    Airtel Simcard With Full Internet For Lifetime

  8. Sathish

    True Love.. Does it only come along once in lifetime

    What do u mean with "true love".. is it true...(for both boys and girls)
  9. D

    MTNL or Vodafone ?

    which one is better in Mumbai pleas suggest .. I am buying a lifetime free card. Just want it for incoming. :D
  10. T

    best network plan for me.

    i want to buy 3 sim cards for my 3 GSM phones. pls help me select the best network and best plan. here are the deciding factors 1. live in mumbai 2. wanna buy them not too much outgoing but incoming 3. do lifetime plans have different outgoing rates than normal ones? 4.signal quality must be good.
  11. johnjjx

    256 x 2 sticks DDR400

    sellin my ddr400 sticks Simmtronics 3-3-3-8 timings warranty left arnd 6 mnths(has lifetime sticker on them though) price: 600+shipping
  12. M

    Airtel super lifetime plan

    Well as everyone knows 1rs every call plan by airtel with shahrukh ad.... Now i have a doubt..i had this plan but daily 1.5 rupees is deducted frm my account... Now on reading from airtel site it mentions All existing 999 Lifetime and ELTV subscribers would automatically get Re 1 tariff...
  13. H

    Need Info abt Airtel top ups for lifetime

    I hav recently bought Airtel Lifetime Rs 495 I need to know how much the 1 paise SMS top up costs.It generally costs Rs 45 for non-lifetime users and when i asked retailer for it he says that it doen't apply for lifetime users.I was shocked y it doen't apply. He said to contact customer...
  14. R

    how many have rapidshare and megaupload account here?

    How many have rapidshare and megaupload here??i have a rapidshare account valid till 2008 and lifetime megaupload account.. :)
  15. sidewinder

    DDR 333 Ram 256/512 MB With lifetime warranty !

    Hi I have a stick of 256 MB and another stick of 512 MB of DDR 333 ram Both of them are around 1 year old and has lifetime warranty 9Whose lifetime I dont know Working in perfect overclosking,no bsod whatso ever Make is Hynix Original Havnt decided on the...
  16. Tech.Masti

    Airtel increasing call rate in Kolkata :(

    Airtel again increasing call rate :( just on 3.3.07 evening, i received a message that "Best value Plan for a month! Just Easy charge with Rs.58 & for 30 days enjoy local A2A@50p , A2M@Re1 , A2L@Rs.2 per minute. Limited Period offer, Recharge now." i am in lifetime scheme...... before...
  17. P

    Cheapest Bluetooth Edge10 Phone

    I wish to purchase the cheapest edge class10 phone with bluetooth or Infrared for Internet on my PC using Airtel Lifetime Prepaid in Lucknow. Which phone should I buy and what speed in KBps I can get
  18. Tech.Masti

    Airtel's new e-charge,@0.99p to any local mobile on lifetime prepaid!!

    Airtel introduced new schemes on Lifetime prepaid, easy-charge with Rs.118/-,and get all local airtel calls @0.30p/m, all other local mobile calls @0.99p/m, and all local landline calls @1.49p/m. :p And for easy-charge with Rs.198/-, all local mobile calls come down @0.60p/m...
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