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  1. seamon

    Headphones upto 10k

    I own a pair of Skullcandy SK Pro. The sound and all is great but the cans are too small for my ears and they get uncomfortable after some time. I need a good pair of large over the ear cans. Any thoughts on Razer Carcharias?
  2. gohan89

    General Query Want opinion about buying refrigerator from Snapdeal...

    I want to buy a Samsung Frost Free Refrigerator from Snapdeal.I have never bought such a large appliance online.I found the price to be low.So I want to know is it safe and am I eligible for warranty if I buy from snapdeal.I live in Kolkata and please let me know who have bought such large...
  3. sujeet2555

    [Open] some context menu items are disabled/missing

    i have window 7 64bit .i tried some softwares for explorer transparency and "Windows 7 Folder Background Changer" .they were not successful ,so i removed them . now i am facing 3 problems:- 1.there was "large icon ,medium icon ,classic icon " menu item missing on desktop right click menu...
  4. Chetan1991

    Need Laptop optical disc drive adapter to add another HDD.

    I'm looking to replace my laptop's HDD http://www.digit.in/forum/storage/185884-need-best-performing-2-5-internal-hdd-within-4k.html (please visit if you can help), but hig performance HDDs don't have large capacity or are quite expensive for large capacities. So I thought I could just add...
  5. A

    PC game DVD stores

    Can anyone post the name/locations of pc game dvd stores who have large collection of pc games in mumbai?
  6. F

    [Somewhat urgent] Powerful laptop required for Game Design. Related advice appreciated

    Hey everyone. The topic says it all. I feel stupid I waited so long now, but I need to buy a laptop by the end of the month. My game design college course starts from the 1st of July. I researched a bit about this already, and I've found that people have found the heavier, bulkier laptops...
  7. Anorion

    Scientists Discovered the Egyptian Secret to Moving Huge Pyramid Stones

    from gizmodo
  8. Harshverma

    Large Pixel Collider

    Introducing the Large Pixel Collider, a computer of uncomfortable power | PC Gamer Large Pixel Collider is Stupidly Strong and a Beast with 4XTitans , 64Gigs of Corsair Dominator , I7 4960X Check out the link
  9. Harshverma

    Large Pixel Collider

    Introducing the Large Pixel Collider, a computer of uncomfortable power | PC Gamer Large Pixel Collider is Stupidly Strong and a Beast with 4XTitans , 64Gigs of Corsair Dominator , I7 4960X Check out the link
  10. Saransh verma

    World's first 2k phone ------ 515ppi

    --> SOURCE <--
  11. anirbandd

    Gaming mouse + pad

    Hi all, Need: Gaming Mouse + Pad Budget: 3k [+0.5k max] Use: Gaming + Regular use + Photoshopping with Laptop. I am a claw gripper, with a large hand. So need a large mouse. I saw the Logitech G400s and was damn impressed by it. Its within my budget and has good reviews. But i dont...
  12. C

    Pen drive trolling me..

    OK, what kind of sorcery is this? It's an 8GB Sandisk Cruzer Blade and it says "File too large" for a 4.5GB file. It's a genuine product which came in a sealed package, not some fake drive. Please help.
  13. H

    If the Earth were a 100 pixels wide

    If the Earth were a 100 pixels wide A nice webpage which reminds us how large space actually is.
  14. logout20

    Info : How to get maximum battery back up on Androids

    Androids have large number of funtions.bluetooth,wi-fi,email,nfc,web,heavy customization,data synchronizing ,maps,streaming videos and blah blah.Its good to have large number of useful function in our pocket but when it comes to battery backup its very disappointing.Battery life is such a...
  15. TheLetterD

    Modifications to make an Android phone very easy to use. Help please?

    Hello I wanted a phone with a large display, a front facing camera and a very easy to use UI for my Grandfather (Who is now 70). My budget was 10K. I have short listed(and with your help want to finalize too! :) ) on the Micromax Canvas 2 A110! So now I need to know how can I customize or get...
  16. A

    Big O notation

    suppose an algorithm doesn't have a O or Big-Theta notation. Does it mean it doesn't have an upper bound?If it is so, does it mean this algorithm will take an infinite amount of time to process a large data? If an algorithm has an upper bound, does it mean it can process a profoundly large...
  17. M

    High end multimedia phones...an extinct species....

    Guys nowadays it seems that there are only two kind of phones available in the market.The low end feature phones and the Smartphones.What will be your advice to those Who wants basic phone functionality like call,text,ocassional net surfing ...etc and a multimedia powerhouse like large and crisp...
  18. H

    large size 3D TV

    large size 3D TV for a convention center?
  19. RCuber

    MP3 Player required

    Hey Guys, I need a dedicated MP3 player with large battery life(rechargeable preferred). Budget <5K but do suggest if there are better players available at a slightly higher cost. Initially I was thinking about buying a iPod Touch 8GB (approx 15K) , but I will be changing my phone soon so...
  20. manikant

    Need a large screen for my Gaming Rig.

    HI GEEKS, I m looking for a large screen TV\Monitor. It should have HDMI ports, USB host, card reader would b a welcome. I m gonna use it for virtual PCs, net surfing, occasional gaming , video chats etc. I prefer a 27" widescreen n max 32". I will use it from 3-4 feet distance. Price...
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