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  1. Anorion

    Environment vs Development

    The new government's focus on development and economic progress is turning out to be at the cost of the environment One issue is the allotment of coal blocks, which was on hold because of the scam but it is going to go back on auction soon. These mines are in heavily forested areas. Also the...
  2. TechnoBOY

    will i get good speed in bsnl bb if my land line is clear ???

    will i get good speed via bsnl land line if its working fine
  3. TechnoBOY

    help me to choose new connection

    so i need a true unlimited plan , minimum download speed should be abov3 2 mbps so plz help me i need at least 2mbs and i t should be true unlimited i alredy have a land line connection but every body i telling bsnl land line internet is not good so someone help me:-(
  4. H

    How India lost $14 billion worth of foreign investment in two days

    How India lost $14 billion worth of foreign investment in two days – Quartz
  5. socrates

    N8 Successor To Land Next Year

    N8 Successor To Land Next Year
  6. K

    looking for links home tv chinese serials

    hindi or english verson of home tv chinese serial. pls give link for those serials "The Zu mountain saga" "Brothers under the skin" "The blood stained intrigue" (story of red and blue swords) "Land of the Condors" "The Other Side of The Horizon" "Legend of the Condor...
  7. Ethan_Hunt

    The Official 'James Bond: Blood Stone' Thread! [PS3] [X360] [PC]

    Official Web Page: 007 Blood Stone - Official Game Site Developer: Bizarre Creations (PS3 & 360); High Moon Studios (PC) Publisher: Activision Genre: Action/TPS Release date: November 2, 2010 [NA]; November 5, 2010 [EU] Game Description: Game Features: Screenshots:
  8. praka123

    Developers 'privatising' the Kerala coast

    Mark Rowe Last Updated: 5:05PM BST 18/07/2008 Hotel developers in southern India have been accused of seizing coastal land that was hit by the tsunami of 2004. Getty A new report says developers are exploiting fishermen's lack of business experience...
  9. drgrudge

    Tata officially owns Land Rover and Jaguar

    Just saw the news that Ford had sold Land Rover and Jaguar for $2.65 bn. BREAKING: Ford sells Jaguar / Land Rover for $2 billion to Tata Motors Amazing news! I love Land Rover LR 2. It's the best SUV/MUV around. I would say I even like it over BMW X5. Hope to see LR 2 and Jaguars in...
  10. s18000rpm

    Amazing Illusions

    1. Elevator Floor Illusion Going into this elevator would certainly makes one nervous. A sign at the entrance cautions the people that goes in about work in progress. A more detailed look shows that the floor has been painted with an illusion that there is no floor. 2. Earthquake...
  11. Quiz_Master

    Google's $30,000,000 Lunar X PRIZE

    Source : http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/09/13/1821259 Source : http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2007/09/google-lunar-x-prize.html My Take :: Of course Google wants people to land on the moon, they're desperate to find employees for their lunar campus. :p :lol:
  12. L

    youtube problem

    Hi folks, We get to see so many videos on youtube. However, they dont allow us to save them. Previously I could do it by getting the files in the temporary folder, but lately they have become smart and it does not land there. Does anybody know how to save the videos that we watch on...
  13. ::cyborg::

    ::::which Landline To Choose:::::

    hi guys iam in new delhi we want to buy a land line but we are very much confused which one to choose reliance tata purpose for which iam asking a new land line is 80 % = internet 20%=calls we are currently using mtnl but really fed up with those high bills plz help ::cyborg::
  14. Aberforth

    UK: Ban Unislamic Schools

    I was going through my forums when a member posted this news article from Daily Express, London. I know it does not concern India but this is pretty disturbing as UK is the land of eqality and secularism. If UK bends to pressure, we could be next in line to go Taliban style. Read the article...
  15. Manshahia

    Indian Defence Land to get Digitised

    The Indian Defence Ministry has launched a software application called "Raksha Bhoomi", to help digitise the entire land records of the defence forces, measuring almost 17 Lakh acres. The Entire digitisation of the Land records has been planned over two phases. The process is expected to cost...
  16. S

    Did Man Really Land On The Moon?

    Breaking News:did Man Really Land On The Moon? BREAKING NEWS: DID MAN REALLY LAND ON THE MOON? a bit on it: i could explain how the laws of physics, gravity, and photography could not have produced any of the "proof" that NASA has released, but i am not an expert in radiation or physics...
  17. T

    know how on SCRIPTS

    HI, i have learnt that in windows environments, we can do wonders by writing scripts. well, as am hearing this for the first time and has never implemented it, i just wanted to get some material to learn on how-to's reg this. can u pls land me to any site that offers tutorials or pre...
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