1. SaiyanGoku

    Positive Experience Raipur- LG Optimus G

    URL of product: LG Optimus G E970 - 16GB (Unlocked ) 4G LTE Quad-Core Android Smartphone Date of purchase: 31 January 2014 Tracking ID / Order ID: Not posting on purpose Your PIN Code: 492001 Courier used: ICCWORLD/Bluedart Praise / Complaint details: 16 GB MicroSD card is missing (USA buyers...
  2. K

    Good speaker suggestion for TV

    Objective is for better voice clarity and volume levels for TV. And may listen to some music (Movie and Indian classical) . Will be connecting to Samsung LCD TV. In the beginning I was considering a budget of 2-3K with 2.0 or 2.1 speakers. I am deaf in one ear so expensive speakers and...
  3. nikufellow

    Need help budget laptop

    *Budget : Max 37k (can't extent even a bit more) *size and weight 14" or 15" *Brand No preference *primary use Browsing, watching movies, light programming, and would like to play some modern games if possible at decent frame rates *screen type Don't know *Anything else? Confused between...
  4. V

    Simulating mute function using keyboard keys

    I was wondering if there is anyway that the mute function can be simulated using any software or workaround so that it can be mapped to some hotkey(s).The lack of a dedicated mute key in my laptop's keyboard is very annoying.
  5. M


    Hi Guys i am planning to buy a smartest phone and wondering which is best of these 2 models. SONY XPERIA S Pro's 12 MP CAMERA( fast shooting from Standby) High pixel 342 ppi( Good for Brower usage and Ebook reading) Neat Look and feel Dual core 1.5 ( Sufficient for this year not sure...
  6. sanithkk81

    What should I do after getting benched?

    Hi Folks, I am working as a software engineer in one of the top IT services companies in India for the past 1.5 years. After training period(3months) I got deployed in RCP plugin project(support role) for 3 months. Then I worked in designing UI for an aerospace entertainment device for 9...
  7. S

    Docomo users help.

    Hi all, bought new docomo sim but couldn't get the internet settings on my galaxy s, I'm on 2.5 gb plan but couldn't use due to lack of settings.please help.
  8. R

    iPad Wifi-16GB

    iPad Wifi-16GB [Closed] Hi guys, I need to sell my 16GB Wifi iPad, as I bought is in desperation, I expected it solve my powerpoint woes on the move, but after using it for about 3-4 weeks, its not helping me and lack of 3G is a problem for me. I've jailbroken the iPad, but on the wish of...
  9. K

    Need mobile softwares for mobile phones?

    Need softwares for mobile phones? Hi. I've 2 phones, one with s40v5 os(Nokia 7230) and other with s60v2 os(n70). I require 2softwares for them. Plz help. 1-Both lack gps feature. I tried google maps on one but it says that My location feature is unavailable on this phone. Can anyone recommend...
  10. guest

    Cabinet Doubt

    Hi, i just was going ou to buy a new cabinet. Could someone suggest me a good cabinet. I should be able to have enough ventilation to cool a q6600 and two graphics card in SLI and lavish space for cable management. I presently have a Antec 900 and i'm struggling with lack of space and serious...
  11. sourav123

    Thinkdigit Linux User Group (TLUG)

    Hi, As we know, Linux is all about freedom and sharing with others. We have a few Linux Users Groups (LUG) in India to help other Linux users and newbies getting started with Linux. With so many Linux enthusiasts in this forum, let's start a new LUG to help other people. Now, by help I do...
  12. T

    Suggestion for modem for BSNL BB

    Hi, Can you suggest a router that will work with BSNL for home use that has a built in hardware firewall (NAT and SP1)? BTW pls excuse my lack of knowledge. Is a router the same as the ADSL modem that BSNL gives? Thanks in advance.
  13. T

    Bought Dell 24 inch LCD

    Bought the Dell 24 inch LCD for Rs 20,000 including tax and shipping.. Good buy? What does the entry level series lack other than Webcam and usb ports?
  14. rahul_jaiswal31

    s/w for n 2626

    hi frendz i owned a nokia 2626, but i cant upload any images or tone due 2 lack of software. please tell me and of cource free or cracked:p
  15. Gigacore

    After Dell, HP Starts Selling Linux-Powered PCs

    The heavy competition with Dell and Acer has forced HP, currently world’s largest PC manufacturer, to start offering its clients low-cost PCs, with Linux OS preinstalled. For now, the low-cost PCs will be on sale only in Australia for about $AU600 (just under $500 USD). The motivation behind...
  16. S

    old software needed

    I have an old pc(pentium-1 with 16 mb ram) which i didn't use for long time. I recently tried to work on it but faced the problem of lack of old sotwares. I need older version of softwares bcoz the resources are limited on that system. Is there any site where i can find softwares 5-10 years old.
  17. B

    Why COmputer Fail

    Why Computers fail despite the wide spread use of computers? One Point Is Zero IQ Level and Lack of decision making powers can you quote some more............
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