1. Mr.Kickass

    Turkman Gate murder: AAP MLA accused of shielding suspects

    (Source) | Related Unfortunate to have lost his life like this. (In an unrelated news, criminals such as these are wielding more power than the police)
  2. T

    Actress Jiah Khan commits suicide

    Actor Jiah Khan commits suicide | The Hindu
  3. KDroid

    King of Victimhood: Shah Rukh Khan bites the hand that fed him

    [COLOR=#262626][FONT=Georgia]Interesting Reads. Sharing... _______________________ In Defence of Shah Rukh Khan
  4. cacklebolt

    Can someone teach me LIMITS?? :(

    I missed a few lectures of Limits as i was sick and now i am struggling like hell.Dont know what should i do... looked up Khan academy but not helping :-(:|:cry:
  5. T

    Please vote sensibly

    Source: YouTube. Friends please watch this YOU TUBE video before you go to vote::mrgreen: YouTube - RISHTA by Aamir Khan
  6. a_medico

    BIGG BOSS thread

    Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore it. What are your views on BIGG BOSS, currently in season 3? My personal fav. was Kamaal Khan.
  7. Faun

    The West’s duplicity

  8. Faun

    AQ Khan exposes Pak's nuke proliferation

    * * Good move Photochor !
  9. vaibhav_jain

    A Different Thought come in my MIND

    hi friends have anyone seen "FIDA" starring Kareena Kapoor, Fardeen Khan and Shahid Kapoor. there is a seen in which shahid kapoor calls fardeen khan from a baseline phone from her friend Kim sharma and fardeen khan traces his call according to the prank he is doing on his laptop while talking...
  10. gaurav_indian

    Actor Feroz Khan passes away

    Actor Feroz Khan passes away * RIP Feroz Khan
  11. pc_game_lover2004

    Ghajini -Game Promo

    Hey guys would you believe it that Ghajini would be out as game too... Don't believe me...check this out ;) * Don't forget to notice our virtual Aamir Khan :rolleyes: Here is the official site, 6 days to go for games release...
  12. chesss

    Samsung Beat450

    This is the aamir khan advertisement - Youtube - 34 seconds about samsung beat 450 Now I am dead sure that this is something similar to this amazing holophonic mp3 - Holophonic.mp3 - 1.8mb ( LISTEN to this with headphones- its amazing!) It makes me jump just like the way aamir khan does...
  13. A

    Ahsan Manan Bhuta virus

    hi there , would really appreciate the help to remove Ahsan Manan Khan Bhutta Virus?
  14. S

    High school student faces 38 years in prison for hacking grades

    Source Dunno why he didn't think of the consequences before committing the crimes. 38 Years has ruined half his life.
  15. Batistabomb

    Best Indian Actor

    What's your choice among these : 1. Amitabh 2. Rajnikanth 3. Kamal Hasan 4. Chiranjeevi 5. Mammotti 6. Mohan Lal 7. Sharukh 8. Salman 9. Amir Khan 10. Mahesh Babu(telugu) 12. Vikram (Tamil) 13. Vijay (Tamil) 14. Hritik 15. Akshay Kumar 16. Ajay Devgan 17. Raj Pal Yadav 19...
  16. Gigacore

    Rate the Celebrity above yours.

    Guys sorry for the another Rate the above series thread :D i couldn't resist it. :D Both, hollywood and bollywood. and some sports person too. If you dont know who is the celebrity above you, GOGGLE! DONT POST ANY BAD CELEB PICS! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . let...
  17. Batistabomb

    King Khan vs Hrithik vs Amir Khan

    guys come let us discuss different aspects about who are great among these,remember verify all of the factors my voting is : Sharukh : 55% Hritik Roshan : 25% Amir Khna : 20%
  18. R

    Haha, Im Happy-- They Say Lean Look is In

    Haha, i always wanted to have THose Big muscles and Stuf.. But.. Haha.. Dint gat time to join the gym!.. 24 Hrz on PC. :P ANd nOw, Im so Happy .. THey say the Lean Look Is in.. SRK, Zyed khan, Akshay kumar. Haha.. and Now.. Readermaniax :D Here are some Tips For u guyz
  19. gaurav_indian

    Salman Khan ne Himesh ki band bajai!

    Salman Khan ne Himesh ki band bajai! Dont miss this weeks Saregama on saturday. :D *
  20. paragkalra

    Meet the Gigantic Crew of OM SHANTI OM (Pics Included)

    Om Shanti Om The story centers on an artist, Om (Shahrukh khan), who grows up in the seventies, meets the love of his life (Deepika padukone) and shortly thereafter suffers an untimely demise. He is immediately reincarnated and the story flash-forwards to the present day. Haunted by the...
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