1. axes2t2

    Paid apps question.

    I bought an app from the playstore but for some reason I need to format my phone. Is the 'unlocker key' available for download straightaway on the account or do I need to buy it again.
  2. S

    Not able to boot into Windows 7

    Hi all, My Dell laptop came with a preinstalled Windows 7 home Basic. I tried upgrading to Windows 10 last week.. There was some issue with software compatibility and I could not even go back to the Windows 7. Now, the laptop is starting in safe mode but I am not able to login as keyboard and...
  3. TechnoBOY

    Need a keylogger

    im looking for a free key logger which have a good amount of features
  4. setanjan123

    Games not appearing in steam

    I posted this in the steam thread but nobody replied so i made this . What happened is i got a steam key from a giveaway . I was not on pc at that time so told a friend to login to my acc and activate it . He even showed me a screenshot . There were 5 games in total . Now when i logged in i only...
  5. axes2t2

    Samsung Galaxy core 2 - left soft key function.

    Anyone know how to change the function of left soft key on Galaxy Core 2 to open the menu and not the recently used apps?
  6. P

    Gaming keyboard Laptop

    Hi Guys, Is there any laptop consisting gaming keyboard, Please dont suggest me a keyboard externally to plug in on the laptop, I am shifting to other city for higher studies so i am looking for a gaming keyboard within the laptop. I tried a couple of laptops and the key placements are such...
  7. Shah

    Upgrading to Windows 8.1 Pro from 8.1 Core using Windows 8 Pro key

    Can I activate a Windows 8.1 Pro installation with a Windows 8 Pro key? I am having Windows 8.1 Core installed and a Windows 8 pro key. I want to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro. I was just wondering if I could upgrade my Win8.1 Core to Win8.1 Pro using some *ahem* ISO and then activate it using...
  8. windchimes

    Network Driver Problem and Brightness Problem in Windows 7

    Hi guys, Got two issues pestering me quite a bit, and hope someone can guide me to fix them 1) My internet (connected over LAN cable ) gets disconnected each time I reboot the laptop and I have to install the network driver every single time. Know why this happens? Machine - Dell 3543...
  9. ramakanta

    Windows 7 OS Product key Move to new Motherboard???

    i have Windows 7 Professional genuine OS . due to lighting my Intel 82945G Board fully damage . now how to transfer my Activation key to a new board . is it possible or my 7000+ rupees gone .. ??? please help me. thank you.
  10. M

    i p.c. two monitors 3 questions

    i am health care professional i am planning to buy good high end p.c with 4 gen intel 5 with windows 8.1 64 bit also to have samsung 24” LS24C770TS LED Touchscreen Monitor .the question to the esteemed members here is i am planning to attatch one more monitor to my p.c which will be managed...
  11. C

    WINDOWS 8.1 lost

    Hello everyone I own a lenovo z510 . It came with win 8.1 preinstalled. As am a college student i installed ubuntu 13.10 as a dual booting system. The system worked smoothly. Now in may I update my OS to win 8.1 update 1. But later in june i decided to upgrade my ubuntu to 14.04. I received...
  12. R

    key board not working in press any key to boot from cd screen

    hey everybody....:lol:8-) I am very new here... i am using win8 now but want to install win7. in boot screen i am able to use key board but in the screen where it shows press any key to boot from cd keyboard not working ... I am using ps2 key board plz help..:cry::cry:
  13. adityak469

    FIFA 12 Free Key

    FIFA 12 Free Key[OFFER IS OVER] Admins don't delete me or this post. I'm just trying to spread the news. :) Yes you read that right. Gillette and EA have partnered up to give free FIFA 12 Keys. :D Follow the steps below to redeem it- And no. This is b=not a Scam or a Reference ID S#!t...
  14. Nerevarine

    [For Sale] For Sale : Thief 2014 Steam Key

    Thief 2014 Steam Key for sale Price : 1000 Steam only, Buyer has to initiate transaction first.. For more details, pm me PS: Key may be activated anytime but you will only be able to play after the game has released (25th feb) Price reduced to Rs 500 - - - Updated - - - Sold, mods close the...
  15. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY] Ashampoo Burning Studio 2014

    Giveaway Link download NOTE: Giveaway ends Feb 10 2014 so be sure to download the installer & grab the activation key before time runs out. Activation through can be done later.
  16. vanpr7

    TVS Gold keyboard key not working

    Hey guys, I spilled water over my tvs gold keyboard by mistake today and then took out all the keycaps in order to dry it. By mistake I took out the spacebar completely. I somehow managed to get it back in place but when I plugged it back in all the keys are working perfectly except the spacebar...
  17. harshilsharma63

    [For Sale] SimCity 2013 Key For Sale

    1. Model number and details: SimCity2013 key 2. Date of purchase: got it with a purchased AMD APU 3. Reason for sale: don't like this game 4. Warranty details: NA 5. Expected Price: ₹700 6. Location of Seller: Jodhpur, Rajasthan 7. Pictures along with your User ID + date written on a piece of...
  18. masterkd

    [For Sale] PC Games for sale

    Titles: Counter Strike Source (Steam Trade) - Rs. 100 Half Life 2: Episode 2 (Steam Trade) - Rs. 100 Sanctum:Collection (Steam Key) - Rs. 150 Alan Wake (Steam Key) - Rs. 100 Bioshock (Steam Key) - Rs. 75 Date of purchase: Don't Remember Reason for sale: Unused Warranty details: NA Expected...
  19. ramakanta

    Print Screen Key

    I want save Image in a specific folder automatically when press Print Scrn Key . How , ??? is it possible ???. I am using Windows 7 OS .
  20. D

    i have downloaded windows 7 ultimate oem retail iso file form our hub but dont know where is the key

    i have downloaded windows 7 ultimate oem retail iso file form our hub but dont know where is the key to activate it. Will it be automatically installed on my pc or i have to find it somewhere else. plz help i am getting UNMOUNTABKLE BOOT ERROR
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