1. M

    How to increase video bitrate?

    I created some videos using Screencast-oMatic but they have a low bitrate of under 200 kbps whereas I need them to be at least 300 kbps. How do I get a high bitrate for the videos?
  2. patkim

    Is my router affecting internet download speeds?

    I have 512 kbps internet PPPoE connection and I have DIR 615 router that I have been happily using for past 4 years. Last few days I have a strange observation, with router connected (wired or WiFi) I get very poor download speeds hardly 200kbps whereas upload speeds are ok at 450 kbps. When I...
  3. S

    BSNL BB went slow suddenly.. Help needed

    I ma using BSNL BB 1450 Plan for last 2 months. Using TP Link W8968 I was getting good , stable speed. always above 100 KBps. Download speed was 100-120 KBps For last two days download speed and browsing speed went super slow... I am getting 25 KBps and slower . Sometime no activity. Tried with...
  4. Flash

    Trai recommendation on minimum broadband speed expected soon

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) is expected to shortly come out with its recommendations on redefining the minimum broadband speed to 2 mbps from the current level of 512 kbps. The department of telecommunications (DoT) had in July 2014 notified the minimum broadband speed by...
  5. Rockstar11

    WHY in only AP CIRCLE ?

    WHY in only AP CIRCLE ? BSNL minimum broadband speed to 2 mbps BBG Combo ULD 675 upto 2 Mbps till 10 GB, 512 Kbps beyond for other pan india upto 2 Mbps till 1 GB, 512 Kbps beyond ? that's not fair.. we are paying same money. Do they think we’re idiots? JAAGO GRAHAK JAAGO
  6. Faun

    Audio Format Comparison

    Reference file is "Dangerous by MJ" FLAC 24 bit 5011kbp 250MB Compressed MP3s
  7. rohitshakti2

    Getting very slow internet speed in MTNL Delhi

    Hi friends Few days back my PC was giving problems of malware and SaiyanGoku helped me to get rid of it. Now after that malware attack on my pc, I am experiencing that the internet speed has reduced drastically from 160 kbps to 80-85 kbps. Please suggest me how to correct it? I am using MTNL...
  8. G

    Router or Line problem?

    Guys i have a 300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router Model No. TD-W8968 Version 1.1 from Tp-Link.Firmware Version:0.6.0 1.3 v0005.0 Build 131226 Rel.33881n Hardware Version:TD-W8968 v1 00000000 Recently for the past few days my rooter has been rebooting way too often once for almost...
  9. Nanducob

    Good Usb Dongle plan

    Hi , So im away from home,missing my bb.please suggest a good plan dongle/3g :noob: around rs 750 (upto1k)I looked at reliance netconnect but speeds are like 18 KBPS after fup :( Something around 32 KBPS after fup will do the trick.Thanks
  10. T

    WiFi not working

    It was not working few months ago too then I did cloning as suggested by whitestar_999.... but now it is again causing problems, I am getting speeds of 78-80 kbps instead of 2048 kbps when connected to wi-fi while connecting directly to desktop, speed is normal.
  11. U

    Asus N10E ADSL Router- slow speeds - Need Help

    Hi Friends, I purchased this Asus DSL-N10 150 Mbps wireless ADSL router for my BSNL Broadband connection. The looks of this router are good, but the router interface sucks and very confusing. It took some time to configure it to my needs and all is setup now. Though my BSNL connection is...
  12. NiGHtfUrY

    Need 1mbps connection in Delhi.How's MTNL?

    Right now i have airtel broadband which gives me 1mbps up till 10gb post that its 512 kbps. The plan also includes free 100 calls and the total comes around Rs 990. I want an unlimited 1mbps connection with NO fup limit. Max budget is 1000. The only,how should i say this,REPUTED...
  13. S

    Getting only half speed on MTNL Delhi 1MBPS plan?

    I just got an MTNL Delhi 1MBPS connection last week. I did the modem configuration stuff myself (by following some blog post... actually everything was automatic... I just set the VPI/VCI thing) since the technician had no clue how to set things up in Linux. But my speed has been consistently...
  14. theserpent

    Airtel finally increases Post FUP speeds to 512 kbps

    Airtel Broadband likely to soon offer 512kbps post FUP on all plans - Airtel Broadband - India Broadband Forum I even got an call from them saying they changed my plan and also that now post FUP speeds will be 512 kbps soon
  15. P

    Solve my problem

    Every night torrent goes down. dont know why. I am getting average 250 kbps. from last 3 days I am getting average 30 kbps. & max 73 kbps . Its happens after 22:30 hrs every night and automatically recover after 11:30 hrs. I thought it was broadband problem So I recharge my mblaze with night...
  16. stonecaper

    Best ISP with UL Plan in North Kolkata

    I am Looking for The Best ISP with good UL Plans as Now i have decided to Dump My long term But troublesome GF BSNL :) I Live In The Kestopur area. The following are My requirements - 1.Minimum Loss of Connectivity , every Small Storm Should Not Cause a No Connection 2.Less installation...
  17. A

    torrent speed

    How do i increase my torrent speed? I mean some files are downloaded at 100 kbps while most(about 80 % of them) are downloaded at 10 to 15 kbps.(Downloading one file at a time). Can I get 100 kbps on other files as well? Some of my friends use iptorrent account which gives maximum speed (I don't...
  18. aal-ok

    torrent speed

    Is there any way to increase my utorent 3.3 speed without changing the ISP my current speed is 60-70 kbps and sometimes 200-210 kbps
  19. CommanderShawnzer

    how to get greater download speeds in steam/origin?

    well i ust got MTNL broadband (1.75 Mbps) and i am downloading something on origin but its downloading on 50-60 kbps speed? why?
  20. M

    Getting 1Mbps Speed In BSNL 2G Recharge

    Now this is what happened, Yesterday I connected my Dell Inspiron 15R 5520 to internet via bluetooth via my Nokia X2-01. I usually get speed around 4-5 KBps but I was getting 20-30 KBps. I went to speedtest.net I got download speed of 0.23 Mbps (around 29 KBps). That is considerably fast for my...
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