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how to get greater download speeds in steam/origin?


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well i ust got MTNL broadband (1.75 Mbps) and i am downloading something on origin but its downloading on 50-60 kbps speed? why?


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couple of months ago I used to get full speed on Origin(450+KBps), but recent BF3 Aftermath and patch download at similar speeds you mentioned. I think its a issue with Origin Servers itself. can someone else confirm the speeds?


The Mighty Unkel!!!
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^^ I can add that I used to get speed spikes last week i.e., from say 50-60 KBps it used to jump to 200+KBps and then back to 50-60 KBps.


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For all steam related speed issues, please use the trick below to get max speed at just one click without restarting downloads:


Detailed Instructions:

1.Download the TCPViewer by clicking the link above.
2.Extract and use the TCPView.exe only
3.Open the Steam, when it shows updating, open the TCPView.exe and find steam.exe inside the TCPView.exe Programme.
4.Right click Steam.exe inside the TCPView programme and click close connection.

Speed should increase now as Steam searches for new servers to download. If the speed doesn't increase repeat step 4. Say thanks if it helped :wink:




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I am getting average of 300KB/s and peak rate of 800KB/s. How is it possible? The difference between average and peak is too high.
I am using 4Mbps plan from Reliance.
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