Best ISP with UL Plan in North Kolkata


I am Looking for The Best ISP with good UL Plans as Now i have decided to Dump My long term But troublesome GF BSNL :)

I Live In The Kestopur area.

The following are My requirements -

1.Minimum Loss of Connectivity , every Small Storm Should Not Cause a No Connection
2.Less installation Charges
3.Good Speed on Well Seeded Torrents without peering (Guys Please do Say about how much speed you get in kbps on a well seeded torrent on Happy hour)
I Need atleast 200 kbps as I download a Lot of TV Shows and They are well Seeded But are not peered
4.Hassle-Free Recharge
5.SMS alert Service
6.Overall a Better experience Than BSNL

How is the Prime Plan from alliance ? Alliance Broadband Internet service rates


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