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  1. ajooba215

    hamachi 07 invitation for pros....

    hey guys...if u are a Fifa 07 pro n wanna play multiplayer online..then join my network on hamachi.. username:- vishu12345 (leave pass area blank)
  2. a_to_z123

    Join MP4 files without recompression

    Hi guys, I just downloaded a few videos from YouTube which were split into several parts. As you know that YT only offers MP4 as the downloadable format so I now have a bunch of MP4 files. i want to join them into a single file without re-compression or any processing as we do with AVI...
  3. Zangetsu

    How to Join WMV & WMA

    Hi all, I have two files .WMA & .WMV.I want to join these two files....which software can i use to do that???:grin:
  4. S

    !!!!Urgent help needed!!! Maples in Chennai

    Hello friends, I have completed my B.E computer science and engineering and like to do a course on IBM main frame application programming. Please share about your views on scope of that course. There is a center in chennai called "MAPLES ESM Technology". The website is India's #1...
  5. I


    Have you heard of Lockerz? Lockerz is like Facebook, except that you can earn points to redeem for stuff like PS3, Xbox 360, iPad, iTouch, iPod Nano, handbags, Paypal Cash, Watches and even concert tickets! You don't need to invest cash in Lockerz to get points, you can invite your friends to...
  6. cooldudie3

    Come join my Nexus One forum!

    Come join my new Nexus One forum, called Nexus One@Lefora. I am also 'hiring' mods, I will review the applications and decide. http://nexusone.lefora.com/
  7. anish_sha

    Help Me to choose.......

    Hi guys, i am in my final year B.E , mechanical and i am planning to do an MBA or (any other good management course like industrial management) abroad, anyway after the course and some 2-3 years of work experience , i have to join my family business... but i am in dilemma where to it , US, UK ...
  8. Krazzy Warrior

    Howzat - Online Cricket Game

    http://howzat.com/ The World's Only Free Multiplayer Cricket Game. Real Cricket Action In Your Browser. You can play with your Facebook Account or can simply Join There! Great Game! 19 Batting Shots! Advanced Bowling Option! Over 2000 Fans! Anyone Playing??
  9. Zangetsu

    Linq query help needed!!!

    Hi 2 all programmers there, I am using VS 2008 to develop an application... LINQ is used... I m stucked in a query using include operator pls help urgent..:neutral: I want 2 join 2 tables 2 fetch data (not using join in linq) but it using include().... i have two tables emp & department &...
  10. D

    CDAC institutes ranking

    I am a CDAC aspirant and have recently given the exam. I wanted to ask which one is the best insti to Join....a Ranking of all would be the best help. Please anyone answer.
  11. shaunak

    Mumbai University - Sem 3 - Electronics

    Are tutions necessary for Sem III electronics? Every body seems to be joining for Basic Electronics Communication and Digital Design. I am quite bewildered. To join or not to join, that is the question. Also, can someone give me a short booklist for Sem III?
  12. Pragadheesh

    netbeans vs eclipse

    Hi all, Which is better IDE for doing applications in java.? I have not used either of them. So want to switch to the one which be an added advantage when i join companies.?
  13. naveen_reloaded

    |- All ZooZoo Fans Here -|

    Dont know who is ZooZoo .... ??? Now you know .... ....... join in for discussion...
  14. linux_ubuntu

    call of duty4 clan

    Hi, people who are interested in COD4 ready to kick a@# :) [promod] join clan see you there:twisted: Server 1:[PROMOD] Server 2: [HARDCORE] server 3: [promod] www.il6clan.in To Join Clan visit...
  15. U

    Plz advise

    I am in the final year of BE-Electronics.My dad don't wish me to join any company at present.He says I should do any computer courses further and then make my career.I am confused what courses should I join? OR what kind of career I should look further.I am much more interested in software...
  16. Krazzy Warrior

    Video Effect!!

    Guys I have made around 5 video using Fraps and i want to join them..I want to join them in such a way that one video ends there is and effect like fade effect,shade effect etc etc and then my other video starts...:-P I want to make my result file in .avi format Suggest me program to do...
  17. A


    can i join two separate internet connection using two separate modems to increase the bandwidth? help me
  18. paroh

    SETI home for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    Come and join in the search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence sourcehttp://setiathome.berkeley.edu/Download http://boinc.berkeley.edu/download.php Download, install and run the BOINC software used by SETI@home. When prompted, enter the URL...
  19. skippednote

    NFS MW over LAN

    I was trying to play nfs mw with my brother over LAN(wifi) but when ever i tried to create or join a room it showed "connection was lost" however on my brothers lappy it was able to create and even join a room. i screwed up.....please help. is hamachi of any help.:(:(
  20. M

    Whattz ur plan?

    ... a place to discuss your career plans. What do you want to be? I'll start. I want to be a video game tester. it'll be fun & cool... Are there any courses or institutes that i can join?
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