1. R

    Gta v - xbox - crew

    I am new to this forum but I hope we do have gta v playing games with xbox 360. I don't know if we have a local crew already but I don't see too many ppl online in my online sessions, so I started a crew and I hope to find indian bro's interested to join and play together, I got a nice name for...
  2. P

    ContesT OF ChamPionS Players ..come here!!!

    HellO EveryBodY ... i plaY ConTesT OF ChamPionS everday.... Its the best game of mobile platform ever!!!! Anyone also playing here??? Come n join me...
  3. A

    Join cyber cell? or career in cyber security?

    I'm in last year of electronics and tele-communication engineering, BE (EXTC). I want to join cyber cell or make career in cyber security. So what I need to do for making career in this, certification? or diploma? or anything else? And 1 friend of mine done 12th, and have interest in this but...
  4. R

    Newbie here

    Hello All.I am Swaroopa from India.I like traveling to different places. I came across to this forum when I was searching for Internet marketing and Digitals forums and I was so excited to join it. This forum is so interested as well I found it very much informative.
  5. B

    Hello All

    I am newbie over this forum and I am very glad to join this forum.:lol:
  6. ithehappy

    How do I join this forum,

    There's a German forum called, they generally review monitor and TV and stuffs. I just wanted to join the forum, but I can't. When I provide my Gmail or Ymail ID it says invalid email ID! WTF? If anyone knows about them or a member already please tell me what email ID do they accept...
  7. M

    Traveling Problem in Job

    Friend i apply for job and i think i will get it early. But my problem is i apply'd job which is FAR awey 55 Klmeter. From my city i have to travel everyday by bus if i join the job. And this make me firstartion. Coz i hate traveling. For job. Even i have to reach at 9:30 to 10 am at job. OMG. I...
  8. ariftwister

    How to join two word documents ?

    I have two word documents each containing separate title as well as some contents. Now I want to join those two word documents in such a manner that editing 1st file's content doesn't affect 2nd files title position. Is there a way to do it? Am I overlooking simple things? PS: I'm using MS WORD 13
  9. A

    suggest best institutefor ccie in bangalore

    suggest best institute for ccie in bangalore . i have visited two ccie training institute in bangalore networks home and acit . i am confused which course to join ccie security or ccie collaboration and which institute to join . please help me to join into good institute
  10. S

    Looking for a GTA 5 Guide...

    Hi guys, I am looking for a GTA 5 guide, you know for strategy, tips, walkthroughs, etc. I came across this site: GTA 5 Plus - Strategy Guide, Walkthrough, Cheats, Secrets, and Tips for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online and was wondering if anyone has a review of it? I'm very tempted to...
  11. furious_gamer

    Killing Floor - Discussions here

    It is an under-rated game IMO and i thought it deserve a new thread. It's the best co-op zombie survival game(Don't ask DigitalFragger, he will tell WarZ is best. ). BTW I am listing all forum members who own/have this game, who we play together most of the days. me desmond david d3p Digital...
  12. shreymittal

    ThinkDigit Forum community on Google+

    Guys Join ThinkDigit Community on Google+
  13. shuhailnp

    Huawei Ascend Y300 discussion thread

    Finally i recieved Huawei Ascend Y300 ! White look awesome !!! :mrgreen: * Join here also in Facebbok *
  14. R

    DNS server joining problem

    I have installed Windows 2003 server and created a Domain named BITM2013. Previously the server had DHCP running with the domain name bitm2009. Now whenever I am trying to join the domain the clients says "bitm2013 domain does not exist".But in a freshly formatted system its joining that domain...
  15. SlashDK

    Future in Space?

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help with the topic in the title for a project and one of the things needed is a survey. Can you people please fill this? * Also feel free to discuss the topic, I'll join in a...
  16. S

    Basic introductory post

    Hello Members, Good wishes to all. My name is Steven Brooks, I am very happy to join in this forum, and very much excited to join the discussion board. I want to gain knowledge in different topics related to Electronics and Probes. Hope for your support and cooperation in the board...
  17. Skynaveen

    Cant see most games on Warcraft 3 DotA with garena

    Hi, I cannot see most of the games on garena. My friend can see all of them and join them. If i tunnel the person who is hosting i can see and join his game. People cant join my game unless they tunnel me. Please tell me why this is so and how to correct it. Please dont say firewall or...
  18. C

    How can i join multiple HDD to pc if sata slots or power slots are full?

    as title says, problem is how can i join multiple hdd (just for data dumping purpose) to the pc if sata slots or power slots are full? System Core i7 950 Gskill 6GB ram Corsair HX650 PSU(MOdular PSU) Sapphire Radeaon HD 5870 1GB Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R (rev 2.0) Mobo HDD - 1TB X 2 Seagate...
  19. A


    Does anyone play this MMORPG game? I'm a member since 2003. This game recently got the guinness world record for 200 million active accounts. Join in at: RuneScape - MMORPG - The No.1 Free Online Multiplayer Game
  20. A


    I m selected in Igate patni, TCS ignite and L&T infotech.. m realy very confused which one shud i join.. if any 1 hv experience in ny of the companies plz help me selecting the rite 1..
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