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  1. S

    HandyCam file size !!!

    Today is my birthday :D and i got a sony handycam DCR TRV 285E. Now i recorded two clips one is of 4 minutes(file size:1.25 GB :shock: ) and other one is of 47 secs (261 MB :shock: ). How to decrease its file size??? How to join them using VCD cutter?? I m no able to find the option for saving...
  2. A

    how to join jpg with exe

    hi can any body tell me how to join jpg with exe to made a single exe file
  3. A

    If you could combine devloper who would you choose?

    i was browsing through the 3d realms forum and i stubbled upon a quiet dicusiion suppose u had the powere to join the best game devolper who would u join and what kind of result would u imagine for me it would be valve +id +ion storm (makesr of deusx)+monolith+crytech+unreal team i just...
  4. pradipudhaya

    What is hi5???

    Hello people, what is hi5??? if i register in it, it asks my yahoo mail and password. is it safe to join?? any people come across this?
  5. saROMan

    How to do with Winrar ??

    Many times when u download from net ..the files are in rar format..so many times..they are split in r00,r01,r02..etc..OR they are locked so that they cant be modifies..OR they are Password Protected..etc ..so when you have downloaded them ...it becomes headeach to Join these parts to get a full...
  6. I

    wav + avi join

    wat r d best softwares available 2 join a wav n avi (divx) together ?
  7. kool

    how can i join win XP and SP2 on a SINGLE blank CD??????????

    dear friends!! is it possible to join two iso image on one CD? At present i've win XP PRO cd, and i'm using SP2 from digit CD, same about OFFICE XP PRO and SP3. I WANT TO JOIN THEM ON SINGLE CD. and also tell me something about BART'S PE builder? can i use this for combining win XP with...
  8. kl_ravi

    How to join sliced images ???

    Hi friends, As you all know some websites slice bigger images to smaller parts to allow faster downloads. I want a software that can join the sliced images smoothly without creating any alighment problems. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
  9. rajat22

    Audio synchro in video joiners

    Whenever I tried to join AVI movies, sound never synchronises so after converting into AVI movies I cannot join to form a single AVI CD :cry: .I usually use Esy Video Joiner but the problem remains with other joiners :x . Any funda :?: :?:
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