Should I Go For This Job As A HTML Developer


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I am Computer Science fresher. I want to make career in software development or web development. I want to work on multiple technologies rather than one, at least in future if not now. But as of now, I have received a job offer as a HTML developer. It includes developing only static web pages that too with only HTML – no CSS, Javascript, etc. This is the main concern for me – ONLY HTML.

So if I join this job, then will the experience as only HTML developer be helpful for further software development or web development jobs (I mean working on stack of technologies rather than a single technology)? Do such job will create hurdle to apply any further jobs including multiple technologies? Should I pick up the job?

Please do suggest.


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Well if you want to be a Front End Developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS etc.) then yes, else I'd say wait for further offers if you want to work on Back End Technologies (NodeJS, PHP, Java, .NET, Python etc.)
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